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Thursday night, December 10th
, Dayton Taylor (producer of HABIT) on "World News Tonight" with Peter Jennings to discuss his invention, the virtualcamera system.

November 13 '98
, acting work: Fessenden does 2 days as "The Nervous Man", a bit part in the MARTIN SCORSESE-directed "Bringing Out The Dead", written by Paul Schrader, and starring Nicholas Cage as an ambulance driver. Above: Posh trailers for the day-players.


Halloween '98 : Video release of HABIT, stacked 16-deep at this Blockbusters Video on Houston Street in New York. RENT IT TODAY!!

Fessenden named one of 33 Directors to Watch in Facets Movie Lovers Video Guide.

Thursday, 8th October 11:00
, Just Desserts LIVE! at BROWNIES, NYC 169 Avenue A at 11th Street

August 6 at 9:00 PM
, Just Desserts live at HOUSE OF CANDLES, 99 Stanton Street. Join Tom Laverack, Larry Fessenden, Mark Lerner and Wharton Tiers in celebrating the Earhorn Disks release of Just Desserts new 13 song CD, Give Up The Ghost.

HABIT profiled in Andrew O. Thompson's regular column "Production Slate" in the June 1998 issue of American Cinematographer Magazine.


MAY '98, NYC-
Rick Field, writer/director and longtime Glass Eye Pix associate, casts Fessenden in American Movie Classics Halloween Sweepstakes commercial!! Fessenden plays Goul Dad in makeup designed and applied by Tim Considine of Direct Effects. Budget and director's enthusiasm allows for royal treatment in the tradition of Jack Pierce (creator of Universal Monsters like "Frankenstein" and "Wolfman") with full head cast, prosthetic deformities and applied beard scruff. A nice experience for those with a penchant for horror movies.

amc amc amc

The rocket Movie

Gene Suicide's Zine SEX AND GUTS, Cut-Throat Cinema includes interviews with Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch and Fessenden. Available at Kim's Video on Bleeker and elsewhere. More info at

Wednesday, May 20 from 9-11:00 pm. at arlene-grocery

Just Desserts on the Bill with Rich Ferguson of Fuzzy Doodah and John S. Hall

HABIT nominated for Two Spirit Awards

The nominees for the 13th annual Independent Spirit Awards were announced at an IFP/West reception in Los Angeles on January 8th. HABIT was among the nominees for Best director and Best Cinematographer.

Robert Duvall, "The Apostle"
Larry Fessenden, "Habit"
Victor Nunez, "Ulee's Gold"
Paul Schrader, "Touch"
Wim Wenders, "The End of Violence"

Michael Barrow & John Foster, "Sunday"
Frank DeMarco, "Habit"
Robert Elswit, "Hard Eight"
Decian Quinn, "Kama Sutra"
Alex Vendler, "The Bible and Gun Club"

pictured: Fessenden with THE BIBLE AND GUN CLUB director, Daniel Harris. photo: APB.

Also nominated in the new catagory for best producer, HABIT's associate producer Susan Stover, for her work on recent features such as HIGH ART, LOVE GOD, THE STICKY FINGERS OF TIME, HABIT, and RIVER OF GRASS.

The Awards were given out March 21 in Santa Monica, CA. More on the Spirit Awards and the winners at the independent film channel website.

On TV--March 24, 2PM EST on CBS
Fessenden appeared as "Nelson" aka "Chico" on As The World Turns.

On Radio-- Fessenden is a regular guest on NPR Playhouse inVanishing Point, the epic serial by Michael Wexler and John Hulme produced at Sunshine Interactive Network.

March 9 @ 8pm---NEW YORK---P.S. 122
Faust Reading, - Larry Fessenden will join Jeff Weiss and Black-Eyed Susan for the second installment of "John Jesurun: Readings of Lost Works," a series of readings at P.S. 122 150 First Avenue at 9th Street and New York Theater Workshop showcasing the work of the MacArthur Award-winning playwright. Jesurun's acclaimed, ground-breaking work includes 52 "episodes" of the now legendary "living film serial." For more info call 477-5829. Admission is $12.

Leslie boxes Riddick Bowe

At The Knitting Factory
Thurs, March 12 7PM $5

"WHADAREYANUTZ?" Mike Smith, Skip Arnold, David Leslie and others walk a fine-line between the avant-garde and sheer acts of lunacy. Hour-long program of videos curated by Matt Marello and Jim Kanter.

HABIT Sandwich introduced at BUFFA'S DELI, in NYC

Chicken salad and bacon comprise the new HABIT sandwich, now available at Manhattan's classic SoHo eatery, Buffa's Deli on Lafayette and Prince street.

Fessenden at the '98 Sundance Film Festival

Panel discussion: "The Internet and the World Wide Web"
FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 1998 2:00
Inn at Prospect Square, Park City, Utah

This presentation offers the latest information on how the fast-evolving internet can serve as a filmmaker's resource. The panel was moderated by Adam Pincus, producer of the Sundance Channel's website, and included Eugene Hernandez of indiewire; Harry Knowles, founder of AINT IT COOL NEWS website; and Larry Fessenden, filmmaker.



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