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December 13: Zombie Honeymoon to appear at the Slamdance film festival!


December 6: The new trailer for THE ROOST is up!

ROOST buzz infects web: Horror scribes tout new trailer!
Fangoria | Dread Central
| Arrow in the Head
| Bloody Disgusting | Splatter Container



Nov 24 The ever-vigilant features recent glass eye pix activities in articles on The Resurrection Apprentice, The Last Winter, and the online store.


Nov 20 Fessenden wraps production on THE RESURRECTION APPRENTICE, a short film directed by THE ROOST special f/x maestro Glenn McQuaid and co-starring HEADSPACE star Daniel Manche.

Fessenden with Manche; Manche as the Apprentice; requisite photo with director McQuaid





NOVEMBER 12, 2004: Second Unit Photography commences on THE LAST WINTER, directed by Larry Fessenden

Just the spot: Location scouting, March 2003, in the Arctic.


THE LAST WINTER written by Larry Fessenden and Robert Leaver, produced by Jeff Levy-Hinte, Joni Sighvatsson, and Fessenden.





November 11: Zombie Honeymoon gets raves from Variety:
"Zombie Honeymoon" scores simultaneously as romantic, tragic, grotesque and screamingly funny. A newlywed couple, Denise (Tracy Coogan) and Danny (Graham Sibley), turns into star-crossed lovers when a beachfront encounter with a zombie leaves them on opposite sides of the grave. Will she stand by her man even when he starts taking bites out of everyone he encounters? Wisely, sophomore helmer/scribe Dave Gebroe ("Homeboy") is equally committed to all the various genres -- from love story to laffer to horror -- that comprise his sentimental gorefest. With the right handling, strong, well-thesped pic has a real shot at becoming a cult classic."
Read the rest at

November 9: ScareFlix gets critical acclaim! Fangoria is first to Review THE ROOST!
"West has crafted a well-paced feature that demonstrates both a respect for the rules of fright filmmaking and a knowledge of how to utilize and tweak them. I don’t want to overhype the virtues of this modest little picture, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that West here displays a raw talent reminiscent of early George Romero and Sam Raimi. (Rated 3 out of 4 skulls)"

"What in God's name is THE ROOST?" See what they say at


November 2004: HABIT shirts and other goodies
now available at the Store!



October 29: Special Screening of THE OFF SEASON

Director James McKenney (far left, photographed with half the crew) presented his ScareFlick at the Pioneer Theater, NYC!
Angus Scrimm (aka PHANTASM's Tall Man) takes time off Hosting the event to feed cinematographer David Hale.


October 28: Special Screening of THE ROOST!

Ti West's ScareFlick receives a warm welcome from the sell-out crowd at the Pioneer Theater, NYC! Star Tom Noonan poses with the director.

October 27: Fessenden wraps untitled Jim Jarmusch project.

Featuring Bill Murray, Chris Bauer and Tilda Swinton. Pictured with indie maestro Jim Jarmusch


October 21: Fessenden wraps Andrew van den Houten's HEADSPACE shoot.

with Sean Young and their demonic little ones



Gadzooks over Disneyfication of God kooks! Glass Eye Pix Co-production the GODS OF TIMES SQUARE by Richard Sandler gets the royal treatment from Rick Tremble, Canada's premiere (and only) comic book film critic!


October 1: Fessenden lays out a laundry list of recent projects to Filmmaker Magazine's Jeremiah Kipp.

September 23: Fangoria goes on a Zombie Honeymoon!
September 21: Dave Gebroe's Zombie Honeymoon now online!

September 14: The Horror Channel reports on Fessenden's ScareFlix presentation at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear! almost here! Time for a month of horror from Glass Eye Pix & company at the Pioneer Theatre!

SEE! Two Trilogies of FEAR!
HEAR! The screeching of fiendish vampire bats in their ROOST!
FEEL! The presence of THE TALL MAN when you meet him in the creeping flesh!
READ! All about it here!


September 14: scoops Glass EYe Pix on the announcement of the October ScareFlix preview screenings! Read all about it!


September 1: Douglas Buck's "Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America" DVD is now available! Check out Buck's web page to order your copy and read more news about the release!

August 22: THE IMPACT ADDICT PRESENTS AN EAST VILLAGE ALL STAR SALUTE The Second Annual Howl Festival is underway, featuring all our favorite local heroes. Come on down and frolic in the Loisida!! Fessenden performs with Impact Addict David Leslie, drag queen Christie Tanner, writer Jonathan Ames and a cast of undisclosed loonies Sunday night at P.S. 122. 7PM.


August 20: Check out THE WHAT's new and improved website! Now more than ever--HELP IS ON THE WAY!


August 19: SCAREFLIX in the news!!!


August 19: Glass Eye Pix is proud to announce its involvement as co-producer on David Gebroe's ZOMBIE HONEYMOON
showing this October at The Hamptons International Film Festival!

The Anthology Film Archives Annouces the screening of Richard Sandler's two N.Y.C. documentaries on Wednesday August 4TH, 2004: GODS OF TIMES SQUARE is showing at 7:00PM and BRAVE NEW YORK at 9:00 PM!


July 16: Kelly Reichardt's TRAVIS is playing on July 16th at the Walter Reade Theatre in the New York Video Festival!


June 1: Fessenden to introduce ScareFlix to the masses at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear, August 27-29 in Toronto!


May 25: Actor Tom Noonan joins the cast of THE ROOST!

Also, The Arrow interviews...Ti West!


May 16: Seventeenth Century Man: Watch THE OFF SEASON's Don Wood on PBS's retro-reality series, Colonial House!

May 12: THE OFF SEASON poster artwork is now online! Come see it at MonsterPants Movies' new web address:!

May 10:Susan Leber, producer on THE ROOST and MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR, named as one of Variety's Ten Producers to Watch for 2004!
"Susan Leber relishes multitasking. She is posting "The Roost," a horror film executive produced by Larry Fessenden ("Wendigo"), prepping Alexandra Brodsky's indie family drama "Bittersweet Pl" and planning a host of projects with new blood and indie stalwarts to keep her busy through the end of the year and into the next..."

Douglas Buck's PROLOGUE gets rave reviews in the new issue of SHOCK CINEMA. See the trailer at Doug's new site at!


WENDIGO counted as one of Fangoria's "101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen!"


Ti West's THE ROOST moving into sound design! Check out the new website!

Glass Eye Pix's favorite unsigned Band THE WHAT! now in rotation on the nation's coolest radio show, Nic Harcourt's Morning Becomes Eclectic, online at

April 18: Just following our president's example... Fessenden gets pissy with the Europeans in his interview with!
Thursday, April 1: Check out some poster designs for Jeff Winner's SATELLITE, now in the sound mixing phase of postproduction!
March 30: Website now up for DRESS REHEARSAL, an independent feature currently in post-production, featuring Fessenden as "The Pornographer".


March 12th at 7:30pm: Come see Kelly Reichardt's latest short film, TRAVIS. It's part of the New York Underground Film Festival's "Patriot Games" program of shorts, upstairs at the Anthology Archives.


Thursday, February 19th, at 8:30PM: Professor Fessenden on Court TV with The Gloved One!
Television reaches new zenith of journalistic integrity with probing analysis of the rarely-seen Michael Jackson video "GHOST" (directed by Stan Winston). Not to be missed!


Fresh from the Factory! The debut album from THE WHAT!

Produced by The What, Troy Garity and Larry Fessenden. Be the first one on your block to discover this rockin' collection of tunes! Order directly from Glass Eye Pix Today! Say you heard 'em before they busted out!


January 28: WENDIGO out on DVD and VHS in Japan and Austrailia!



01/14/04: Now at your local hobby shop: the new issue of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine featuring the WENDIGO MODEL KIT!


01/05/04: Check out the latest January-February 2004 issue of Rue Morgue for the two page spread on 'The Suburban Holocaust of Douglas Buck' including critical analysis, photos and interview excerpts.



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