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Glass Eye Pix Press Releases


"TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2009"

Time Out NY, Joshua Ropkopf — #8 The House of the Devil
Paper Magazine
, Dennis Dermody — #8 The House of the Devil

"TOP 10 horror MOVIES OF 2009"

, Todd Brown — The House of the Devil
Shock till you drop, Rob G — #7 I Sell the Dead, #3 The House of the Devil
Shock till you drop, Ryan Rotten — #5 The House of the Devil
Cinematical, Todd Gilchrist — #8 The House of the Devil
Movie Cynics, The Vocabulariast — #5 I Sell the Dead
Cinefantastique — #6 I Sell the Dead
All Things Horror — I Sell the Dead, The House of the Devil
CampBlood Blog — #10 I Sell the Dead, #4 The House of the Devil

Honorable mention:

Horror Squad — I Sell the Dead

Top 25 movies of the decade

Hammer to Nail — #11 The House of the Devil, #14 Wendy and Lucy

7 Masterpieces of the '00s you've Likely Never Seen

Movie | Line — Zombie Honeymoon

... see you next year with Satan Hates You, Bitter Feast, Stake Land and Hypothermia


R.I.P. Vic

Happy Holidaze from Glass Eye Pix 2009
xoxo Peter Phok, Kate, Jacob, Ivy, Mike, Graham
Liz, Brent, Derek, Larry, Jeff

Tuesday 15 December — Glenn McQuaid's I SELL THE DEAD Now for Rent at Blockbuster


Fear Zone's Final Filmmaker Interview: Larry Fessenden
by Brian J. Showers


DEC 9 — Fessenden awarded the 2009 GOLDEN HAMMER AWARD

... A company like GLASS EYE PIX—and, in turn, SCAREFLIX—is the future of indie cinema, a small, individually run force, driven by passion and an aesthetic vision that can embrace both pure character driven pieces like Wendy and Lucy, as well as informed, intelligent genre films such as The House of the Devil and I Sell The Dead. Mark my words, this is a company that will eventually have a Paranormal Activity-level breakout hit. In the meantime, keep track of their releases and get stunned, rocked, shocked, and transported. Welcome to the new world, where GLASS EYE PIX is the model. For all of these reasons, for being such an inspiring force in the industry, we give Larry Fessenden the 2009 GOLDEN HAMMER AWARD. He’s the past, present, and future combined. He is American Independent Cinema. — Mike S. Ryan

read the full post

Aint it cool news reviews I SELL THE DEAD again
Available for RENT DEC 15


Dec 7 — Top Ten Horror Movies That You Probably Didn't See | Awkward Press

Provocative list includes Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and J.T. Petty's THE BURROWERS



you can enjoy Beck Underwood's Creepy Christmas all over again this year!

featured on our new favorite website 366 Weird Movies.

12/3 — Nice commentary from FOTD on genre and awards:
DECEMBER 1 — Fessenden nominated for "producer" Spirit Award

Piaget Producers Award (Now in its 13th year,
the award is presented to emerging producers who,
despite highly limited resources, demonstrate the creativity,
tenacity and vision required to produce quality independent films.
The award includes as $25,000 unrestricted grant funded by Piaget.)

Karin Chien – The Exploding Girl, Santa Mesa

Larry Fessenden – I Sell The Dead, The House Of The Devil

Dia Sokol – Beeswax, Nights & Weekends

Screen Daily reports


27 November — More on McKenney at Fear Zone: Interview
On SATAN HATES YOU, the 10 year anniversary of CANNIBALISTIC!
and his budding dvd distribution company "Midnight Channel" and its first release

25 November — First Review of James Felix McKenney's SATAN HATES YOU!

a fast paced film that packs in a lot of material and style...
SATAN HATES YOU is a very difficult film to classify, which is exactly why it's a breath of fresh air, but the murder scenes, demons and a disturbingly over the top abortion make this horror more than anything else.

I have no doubt that 20 years ago this would have been a successful midnight movie with a long lifespan; in today's market, overcrowded with undemanding fare, it falls on McKenney to find a way to market this film to the audience that will appreciate it, and you to search it out." —Greg Lamberson

Read the review | visit monsterpants movies


5 A.M. November 24 — STAKE LAND wraps.

I SELL THE DEAD now available in Foreign territories! Get your import today!! Out for rent in the US December 15
Pictured: British, German, Canadian & Canadian BluRay (includes a mini-comicbook)

A post from Larry Fessenden, November 20

FESSENDEN OFF THE ORPHANAGE: Old news to friends, the story broke during an interview on the set of STAKE LAND conducted the night of November 18th by Eric Walkuski for Arrow in the Head. Fessenden is noticeably tongue-tied when he realizes he's revealing information that's over three weeks old but not yet known to the public:

"THE ORPHANAGE was two years of waiting. Working on the script with Guillermo was a very exciting experience, but then I got into a casting miasma and that's where the thing is; I think they're gonna do it another way, actually. So I think I'm out of it. Hopefully they'll still use my script, but I'm not sure I'm directing it anymore. That's Hollywood for ya."

When I asked Fessenden if he knew what his next directorial effort would be, he said, "I have like three movies that I wanna do that are, ironically, at this level. Just because that project [ORPHANAGE] got my foot in the door with studios and managers, agents, all good people working hard - but the fact is I don't trust whether or not it'll work. You know, after you get bitten once, you're just a little more wary."

I woke the next day to a torrent of internet posts on the story, many speculating and inaccurate about the probable cause of the parting, relying on clichés about my rogue status and not getting along in Hollywood (with a couple of jabs about the Wendigo thrown in for good measure). For the record then ... read more


Nov 16 — STAKE LAND set report by Eric Stanze on FEARnet


Nov 12 — GLASS EYE PIX titles around the web:

I CAN SEE YOU sighted as #41 on the fabulous 366 Weird Movies

Neil Kellerhouse on
The House of the Devil’s Arty, Retro Posters

New York,

"Best known for design work on lavish boxed sets for the
Criterion Collection and the films of Steven Soderbergh,
the small design house Kellerhouse Inc. has become a go-to firm
for the lost art of thoughtful, sometimes challenging poster work."



November 10

Jeff Grace's original motion picture soundtracks

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and I CAN SEE YOU (additional tracks by Graham Reznick)


AVAILABLE on CD from moviescoremedia 17 November preorder today!

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL still in theaters • I CAN SEE YOU out now on DVD


Nov 9 — Day 1 STAKE LAND unit 2 shoot begins at 6:00 AM


also in the news...

I SELL THE DEAD in the always gorgeous Rue Morgue Magazine, now on stands!!
Also featured in the issue: reviews of FEAR ITSELF, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL
and our new pal Eric Stanze's film DEADWOOD PARK.

also in the news...

Young American Bodies Director Joe Swanberg’s 5 Filmmakers to Watch:
“Michael Vincent and Molly Donovan:
They have a new short called “The Grass Is Greener” that just started playing festivals.
Michael works for Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix. But he and Molly are also making trippy,
psychedelic Super 8 movies. “The Grass Is Greener” is really crazy — weird green screen stuff,
weird music interludes. I dig the style. They’re working on their first feature now.
People ought to keep their eye out for that.”

Nov 7 — AFM sell sheets leaked at Bloody-Distgusting: Joe Magio's Bitter Feast, Jim Mickle's Stake Land


Blast from the Past Department:

Franklin Furnace presents
  Friday November 6 and Saturday November 7, 2009 at 8 pm
Abrons  Art Center / Henry Street Settlement
466  Grand Street , Manhattan

info and tickets

Twenty-six artists, all Franklin Furnace alums, will present excerpts
of signature pieces in this two-hour performance art extravaganza.

featuring the vintage Glass Eye Pix production MISMATCH (11 minutes, 1987)

starring 80's collaborator and performance legend David "the impact addict" Leslie
boxing Riddick Bowe on the Staten Island Ferry

"Though entirely different in tone, this has just become
the most exciting vampire film - by far - since Let The Right One In."



NOVEMBER 1 — visit our new logo page

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL — still in theaters and VOD, Additional theaters Nov 13


I SELL THE DEAD — on VOD through November 10, coming to DVD December 15

STAKE LAND — Filming resumes November 8

11/01/09 "House of the Devil’s Mary Woronov
on Her Wild Days at Warhol’s Factory and Camp Versus Method"

New York Magazine


Halloween in Vancouver:
35mm print of HABIT unspools in the coolest Vamp Fest ever


Saturday October 31

4.30 pm Let the Right One In
6.30 pm Martin
8.15 pm Habit
10.20 pm Rabid
Midnight Vampyr

Join hosts Debbie Rochon, Mike Gingold with special Glass Eye Guests:

Larry Fessenden, Ti West (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL), Graham Reznick (I CAN SEE YOU, THE VIEWER)
Jim Mickle (STAKE LAND), Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD)
and makeup maestro Brian Spears (STAKE LAND, BITTER FEAST, THE VIEWER, I SELL THE DEAD)


Have an alt-horror Halloween!
Forget the sequels, formulas and pointless gore -- at the low-rent, freaky fringes, horror movies are still alive

... With the release this week of Ti West's neo-retro, early-'80s-style THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, it appears that all is not lost.

... I'm giving a fair bit of credit for reviving 21st-century horror to the New York indie scene around West and his producer Larry Fessenden,
also a director, writer, actor and all-around genre-film Svengali."

... goes from comic-realistic mode into full-on psycho meltdown with more terrifying adroitness than any other movie of this decade.

Beautiful and genuinely frightening




“The House of the Devil” is definitely enjoyable, and another smart offering from Glass Eye Pix,
the micro-indie that previously produced the horror films “The Wendigo,” “I Sell the Dead” and “The Last Winter.”
(They also, just for variety’s sake, helped make “Wendy and Lucy.”) Look for their name in the future;
it’s fast becoming the Ghoul Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
The Star-Ledger


Elbow Grease & Ingenuity: Interview with Larry Fessenden



Ti West's critically acclaimed THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL
opens FRIDAY 30 October in New York, L.A. and Austin TX
See it on the big screen!!

Angelika Theater, NYC
11:00am 1:15 3:30 5:40 8:00 10:15pm
Laemmle's Sunset 5
1:40 4:20 7:20 9:45
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
11:10am, 1:50, 4:35, 7:30, 10:10

"shows a real gift for the genre,
particularly in his ability to generate dread with pinpricks rather than bludgeoning shocks,
something even veterans twice his age have difficulty achieving
...a horror movie with real shivers.

“A modest tour de force of voyeuristic, atmospheric tension.”

“One of the most gorgeous, sexy, and vital horror films in recent memory …
The best horror film of 2009.”  

“In a year where there's been a lot of strong horror offerings-- Ti West's The House of the Devil is clearly the best of the bunch"

"The rare scary film that does not pander to its audience"  
“The best '80s babysitter-in-peril movie never made"

“The film is tonally perfect" -
"a wet dream for horror fans"

“Ominous…Unrelenting... Paralyzing fear."

"You’re on the edge of your seat so long it’s nearly hell—
and hell, by the way, is even scarier after you see The House of the Devil.”  

"Clearly the American indie-horror flick of the year.”  

Tom sez.. you better go... or else.











"***Pick of the Week***
... took my breath away. With this one-two punch, Reznick reaffirms his status
as another boundlessly talented member of Larry Fessenden’s Scareflix team."
Michael Teully, Hammer To Nail

"a true adventure: Reznick has gone into the wilderness and come back with an extremely promising feature debut."
Steve Erickson, Baltimore City Paper


OCTOBER 27 — Graham Reznick's I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER now available on DVD through Kino Video

PODCAST with Graham Reznick and Ti West • CD release dates • FREE Song DOWNLOAD!!
Read all the news at

“I CAN SEE YOU heralds a splendid new filmmaker
with one eye on genre mechanics, one eye on avant-garde conceits
and a third eye for transcendental weirdness.
...Filmmaker Graham Reznick arrives with a bang. "

press release

Two new scores from Glass Eye Pix composer JEFF GRACE
out on moviescoremedia. In stores and available for download 10 November. Pre-order today!


Oct 26 — Ti West's new web series Dead & Lonely premieres today on




Oct 25 - The House of the Devil wins at Screamfest!! BEST ACTRESS — Jocelin Donahue, BEST SCORE — Jeff Grace

Cut-rate horror films
clean up at box office

October 25, 2009

“Audiences have become so hip these days, that they’re two steps ahead of the filmmaker,” West says. “When someone closes the medicine cabinet, whoa! There’s gonna be a face in it. If there’s not a face in it, there’ll be someone there when she turns around.

“Being two steps ahead, the movies don’t work. You can’t get sucked in,” he adds. “I try to have these confusing elements where you think something is going to happen, and it doesn’t. When it doesn’t happen twice, you realize, I don’t know what’s going to happen at all in this movie. It catches you by surprise.”

read the New York Post article

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL opens this Friday, October 30 in a theater near you. Now on VOD !

also in the news this week... SATAN HATES YOU... I CAN SEE YOU...THE VIEWER... HABIT... stay tuned...




'The House of the Devil': the next horror sensation?



and speaking of Ti West... this just in:

the much maligned project originally shot by Ti West
featuring Fessenden will come out on DVD in February.


Oct 21: nice BLOGOWEEN post on The Last Winter:

"one of the best horror movies of the last decade...
On IMDB, it seemed like the only people who really hated it were hardcore disbelievers of global warming, who saw this movie as propaganda. If this describes you, then maybe you should pass on this one. If, on the other hand, you like nicely constructed thrillers with plenty of tension, good acting, good cinematography, good music, and an atmosphere that stays with you long after the movie’s over, then this gets my highest recommendation."
Rodney Wall, theScope


Oct 21 — our pals at Quiet Earth are keeping an eye on the Dark Sky / Glass Eye Slate.




"a tour-de-force in its escalation
of tension and innate creepiness."

"a stunningly authentic film that
truly captures the spirit and style of what is,
in my opinion, the creative zenith of horror cinema...
Easily one of the year’s best releases."


Brutal as Hell


Now on VOD!!
In theaters Halloween!!



Oct 20 — film geek news flash: I SELL THE DEAD #56 on imdbPro!

still available on VOD through November 10! ... And it's not too early to add it to your Netflix queue!!

Oct 19 — New issue of Fillmaker hits stands and on-line with profile of Glass Eye Pix.

Brent Kunkle, Larry Fessenden, Peter Phok. photo: Nelson Bakerman

"With Ti West's The House of the Devil hitting theaters, Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix
has become one of the most active independent production companies around."

article by Lauren Wissot

written testimonials for the article archived here.


Oct 19 — Saint James Interview with Glass Eye Pix illustrator Brahm Revel
about the I SELL THE DEAD comic and his own comicbook series GUERILLAS


One of the top five films of 2009—Hunter Stephenson, SlashFilm

I SELL THE DEAD keeps on Trekkin' across the globe!!

Oldenburg FF - 9/18-9/20, then Athens IFF - 9/25, then ICON International Film Festival (Israel) - 10/7 & 10/10,

coming up soon is DEDfest in Edmonton Canada, 10/15,

Albany, New York, USA at ZOMBIE FILM FESTIVAL, 10/23

and in November both Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival in Belgium and Exground Filmfest in Germany !!

And don't forget to watch it on VOD, now through November 10!!

and check out these comicbook reviews:

"If you want a great treat…pick this Image book from your local comic shop. I highly recommend it."

"witty and quick-paced... fantastic art.. Highly recommended.
In fact, everyone should buy two copies, so that Revel can head back to working on Guerillas!"
Things I Like

Wednesday 7 October — BITTER FEAST wraps!
Final day of shooting includes cameo by chef Mario Batali,
pictured above with writer/director Joe Maggio
and star James Le Gros.


I SELL THE DEAD comic book illustrated by Brahm Revel IN STORES Wednesday October 7
40 full color pages plus 5 BONUS pages on the art of the film!!
a Glass Eye Pix production distributed by Image Comics

October 5 — FEAR ITSELF: original score from the series
featuring 7 trax by Jeff Grace from Fessenden's episode SKIN AND BONES
now available on itunes and amazon

October 4: Something old, something new...

WENDIGO Review reprinted in today's Fangoria
"firmly establishes Fessenden as a first-class genre filmmaker."
-Michael Gingold, 2002

WENDIGO cited in Facet Multimedia Blog — 31 Days of Horror Day #4
"Larry Fessenden’s Wendigo (2001) is a tight indie-horror flick. I accidentally caught this
great supernatural thriller about a Native American spirit haunting the frozen forests of
upstate New York on cable a few years back and have been proselytizing
for it ever since as it is one of the few truly creepy American movies of the past decade."

- Heath Iverson

Aint it cool news gives THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL the thumbs up
“The film is tonally perfect…Doesn’t reside on torture, CG or any of the other
bargain basement horror tactics... It’s about atmosphere, tension and performance.”

– Harry Knowles, Aint it Cool News


Michael Vincent & Molly Donovan's Glass Eye Pix production
THE GRASS IS GREENER plays the Woodstock Film Festival
poster by Molly Donovan

Also at the Woodstock Fest: Fessenden talking
with kids for career day

OCT 1 — Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL arrives on video on demand today! Check local listings!

Check out exclusive images from The House Of The Devil at ShockTilYouDrop and BloodyDisgusting

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL will screen at Fantastic Fest
Sunday, Sept 27 at 9pm at the Alamo S. Lamar 1 with
Director Ti West and actress Jocelin Donahue in attendance.

on-set visit in this month's FANGORIA, now on newstands!



23 September: I SELL THE DEAD on the iphone!!

Glass Eye Pix's I SELL THE DEAD comic is now available through the Comics App by comiXology.

This glorious 41 page full color comic, illustrated by Glass Eye Pix regular Brahm Revel (WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER, WHAT ARE YOU VOTING FOR?),
is based on Glenn McQuaid's award-winning motion picture starring Dominic Monaghan, Larry Fessenden, Angus Scrimm and Ron Perlman.

Printed version of the comic in stores OCTOBER 7 from image comics


9/21—Just uncovered:
THE LAST WINTER and HABIT cited in the handsome 2008 Taschen coffee-table book HORROR CINEMA*

"Revenge of Nature & Environmental Horror"
"Three recent films have managed to rise well above the pack, however, using very different approaches and very different monsters. Open Water (2003)... Cult maestro Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter (2006) sees a primeval force unleashed from beneath the melting Arctic permafrost, with ghostly and deadly results.... And The Host (2006)..."

"Vampires and Werewolves"
"... A number of indie allegories made their marks, including George A. Romero's wonderful Martin (1977) and the heroin-chic trio Nadja (1994), The Addiction (1995) and Habit (1997)."

*this lovely book is filled with some odd inaccuracies—but buy it for the layout!
(pg 77: Pumkinhead credited as The Thing; pg 129: all the Jekyll and Hydes are mixed up...)




twitter for Magnolia's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL release,
available on V.O.D. October 1


"As these 13-episodes are all written and directed by different people,
it is really no surprise that they vary greatly in quality and entertainment value,ranging from
impressive (Fessenden’s “Skin and Bones”) to terrible (Bousman’s “New Year’s Day”)
to boring (Yu’s “Family Man”) to gross (Gordon’s “Eater”) to smart (Harron’s “Community”).
Skin and Bones – Directed By Larry Fessenden: What’s that, Larry Fessenden
has made something else about man’s relationship to the environment,
sanity and the Wendigo? Oh well, at least he’s really good at it."
The Trades

Sept 14 —Pre order today!
Fear Itself available Tuesday September 15 on DVD

includes Fessenden's SKIN AND BONES, starring Doug Jones!

Our pal Eric spills all beans about
the Stake Land shoot in his
Fearnet blog:



7 September — DAY 12, 4 PM:
Part One of STAKE LAND principal photography wraps...


4 September — Dark Sky Films / Glass Eye Pix Slate getting press attention. Teasers getting a look-see.

BITTER FEAST in the Village Voice, Yumsugar

HYPOTHERMIA in Bloody Disgusting and Chuck Norris Ate My Baby "NowTHIS is how a teaser should be done!"

and the world welcomes Kelly McGillis to STAKE LAND! "Out Lesbian Kelly McGillis Joins the Vampire Craze!"

Icons of Fright | Arrow in the head | The Horror Review | Glitterati Gossip


Sept 3 — The FrightFest Five: IGN picks the best of the fest
"Beautifully shot, deliberately paced and convincingly played, The House of the Devil
is a throwback to the horror thrillers that were made for TV in the late 1970s and early '80s,
and still give those that saw them nightmares to this very day. The really rather brilliant Jocelin Donahue
plays Samantha, a poor student who accepts a last-minute babysitter job to pay the rent.
Only trouble is, said job takes place at the house of the title,
so no prizes for guessing what happens next. Director Ti West really hits one out of the park with this one,
the sense of time and place spot on; the finale genuinely terrifying."

Chris Tilly, IGN UK

2 September — Jim Mickle's STAKE LAND cast Announced!!

Joining Jim Mickle regular and co-writer Nick Damici (Mulberry Street)
are Kelly McGillis (Witness, Top Gun), Danielle Harris (Halloween 2) and Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl)

Read the press release at Fatally Yours and Bloody Disgusting


31 August: I SELL THE DEAD rave!!
"this film should rocket to the top of your must-see list"
Love Train From The Tenebrous Empire

31 August - Fessenden rambles in the Onion

In London? Check out I Sell The Dead at the legendary FrightFest film festival.
Plays Friday 28th 2:15pm and Sunday 30th 7pm.

"it's impossible to resist either the brash gallows humour or the knowing indifference to the penury of the production.
Designer David Bell, cinematographer Richard Lopez and effects supervisor Matt Connolly work wonders with the visuals,
which are often shrouded in generic fog, while Jeff Grace's circus-sounding score reinforces the mood of mischief.
Swigging hooch while scribbling Monaghan's memoirs, the becowled Perlman contributes a canny cameo.
But it's the knockabout repartee between Monaghan and Fessenden that makes this gleefully gruesome romp so enjoyable."


AUGUST 28-30—Glass Eye Pix in South Africa:



I SELL THE DEAD opens Friday 28 August at The Brattle in Boston

"a sweet, splattery bit of in-jokery. The movie's heart is in the right place
- impaled on a stake and happily beating away.

"From its widescreen atmospherics and “Hammer Horror”-meets-“The X-Files”
milieu to its Kurt Weill-like score, “I Sell the Dead” is the “Inglourious Basterds” of grave-robber movies...
makes Tim Burton’s recent work pale...
I can say with complete conviction that “I Sell the Dead” is the best body-snatcher film of the year."

...and still available on Pay-Per-View across this great nation.


August 25—THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL poster art
from Magnolia Pictures revealed in New York Magazine.

Monday, August 21, 2009 -- Jim Mickle's STAKE LAND starts shooting.

August 19: Out of the Blue Department: Fessenden appreciation at Fangoria.

"Along with the man-crush some of the young filmmakers around the FANGORIA office have for him,
Larry comes with a certain Irish bar fighting-charm. This genuinely nice guy is not only a great director
but one hell of a producer, as such films as HOUSE OF DEVIL and I SELL THE DEAD prove."

OPENS TODAY!! at the
Sunset 5 in Los Angeles CA

1:20 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:40 PM, 7:50 PM, 10:00 PM

Q&A after the 7:50 SHOW
and introduce the 10:00


August 12: I SELL THE DEAD available ON DEMAND through November 10


only at Fangoria and here at Glass Eye Pix.


Tuesday August 11 — FANGORIA issue #286 hits the streets TODAY!




Quad Cinema
34 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011 (212) 255-8800

1:00pm | 2:45pm | 4:30pm | 6:15pm | 8:00pm | 10:05pm

Q & A follows the 8:00 show

"A fine pair of grave robbers, Mr. McQuaid and Mr. Fessenden plunder freely
from the movie crypt,unearthing other chomping, glowing mysteries and monstrosities.
Taking cues from B to Z masters of yore, they crank up the fog machine (or bring out the dry ice),
dribble the blood (or the red syrup) and flash the trick knives and other sleights of cinematic hand
...worth noting what a couple of crafty thieves can do with elbow grease, some spare change and the kind of deep movie love that never dies."
Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"movie fans of all kinds will appreciate a film that knows the differences among "terror," "terrible" and "terribly good fun."
Steven Whittey, NJ Star Ledger

"cinematic marvel that is both an homage to classic horror films, as well as
an innovative mash-up of several different horror tropes from subsequent generations."
Mike Ryan, Hammer to Nail

"smart and swift
Filled with grisly sound effects and Gaelic wit, I Sell the Dead may be more slapstick than horror,
but McQuaid leaves the film's genuinely chilling moments room to breathe.
... smoothly evokes an earlier, more innocent era of gruesome entertainments... Its wit and style, however, are thoroughly modern
... a buddy act we could stand to see again."
Jeannette Catsoulis, NPR


9 out of 10
"From start to finish this release is a complete joy. There are countless original themes and interesting musical touches
that make this an essential purchase for soundtrack lovers."
Darren Rea, Review Graveyard

interviewed by Aaron Hillis


The Hollywood Reporter By Borys Kit and Steven Zeitchik
Aug 4, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

'Orphanage' remake finds a director; Larry Fessenden takes reins of New Line pic

exclusive quote from Fessenden at

Actor-producer-director Larry Fessenden has signed on to helm "The Orphanage," New Line's remake of the Guillermo del Toro-produced Spanish-language horror movie.

Fessenden also has written the script with del Toro, who is producing the new film with Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm.

The 2007 pic was directed by del Toro protege Juan Antonio Bayona and centered on a woman who, upon returning to the orphanage where she grew up, discovers that her son's imaginary friend is the same person who terrorized her when she was a child.

Fessenden's selection signals the out-of-the-box approach that del Toro and the studio are taking on the remake. They are eschewing another Spanish director to fill Bayona's shoes, and they are not putting the project in the hands of a commercial/music video helmer.

Rather, Fessenden, repped by WME and Renee Tab at Artist Talent Management, is a filmmaker who has worked in the low-budget horror world for some time, making such movies as "Wendigo" and "The Last Winter" while appearing in pics like "I See the Dead."

Del Toro and Fessenden know each other from the horror circuit, with del Toro's admiration of the triple-hyphenate's work leading him to handpick him for the directing gig; del Toro saw in him a filmmaker who understood the conventions of the horror genre and could execute a movie that would be as scary and disturbing as the original but in an American context.

Fessenden's selection also continues del Toro's predisposition toward mentoring up-and-comers or those on the fringe, as he did with Bayona and is doing with Andres Muschietti with "Mama," set up at Universal.


A full color comic adaptation of Glenn McQuaid's I SELL THE DEAD will be released through Image Comics on October 7

Illustrated by Glass Eye Pix Regular Brahm Revel (Wendigo | What are You Voting For? | The Last Winter | Guerillas)

Glenn McQuaid talks to about the project.



August 4: I SELL THE DEAD soundtrack by Jeff Grace NOW AVAILABLE from

"One of MovieScore Media's favorite composers, Jeff Grace,
is back with another great score for producer Larry Fessenden: I Sell the Dead.
Grace, who is best known for his avant garde string quartet works
(The Last Winter, The Roost, Joshua), utilizes larger forces than usual in I Sell the Dead."

Sound clips and more info:
CD distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment:
Download album in 320kbit mp3 format here:
Download album on iTunes here:


Quad Cinema (1.1 mi)
Add to My Theaters
Get Tickets
34 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011 (212) 255-8800

Starts Friday, August 7th
1:00pm | 2:45pm | 4:30pm | 6:15pm | 8:00pm | 10:05pm

Q & A follows the 8:00 show

August 3—ISTD trailer featured on imdb:

August 1—Enjoy It While It Lasts department:

August 1—One Among Many department:

be sure to stop by to enjoy our own "extended trailer"

Recent ISTD interviews:

July 6th — VIDEO: Glenn McQuaid on Daemon's Movies

July 27 — PRINT: Larry Fessenden on

July 27 — PODCAST: Larry Fessenden on Sound on Sight

critics showing some love for the Glass Eye Pix Fall releases:


"a jauntily gothic period spook story.
smart, gruesome and inventive enough to more than please niche genre fans
who are likely to spread the word to fellow admirers of gallows humor."
Hollywood Reporter

"It’s a fast, fun, and very funny tribute to a classic style that’s refreshingly free of irony and pretension.
It’s pure entertainment, a capital-M Movie"
Film Monthly


"From the first shot of West's au courant riff on Rosemary's Baby - a slow track
that curves just a hair off center as it reaches its destination - you know you are in the hands of a purposeful, sophisticated genre director."
Film Comment

"the best “things that go bump in the night” genre film in a long time"
Dread Central


July 26—27: Glass Eye Pix in Montreal at FantasiaFest, screening Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL,
Glenn McQuaid's I SELL THE DEAD and Graham Reznick's 3D short THE VIEWER.
Pictured above with horror host Mitch Davis, center.

"I really cannot speak highly enough of I Sell the Dead.
It is a whimsically macabre film that will delight and entertain all horror fans.
So far, I Sell the Dead is one of my favorite films from 2009!"

Fatally Yours

Screening at the 2009 Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal

July 27 at 9:45PM, Hall Theater

Opening in the USA through IFC Films

In theaters in NYC August 7th | On demand August 12


20 July —

World Class Chef Mario Batali
to join the cast of BITTER FEAST

New York Magazine
Hollywood Reporter


July 16—8:30 A.M. Bitter Feast wraps principal photography


day 1 — June 27 / Skeleton crew: Director of Photography Michael McDonough, producers Brent Kunkle and Peter Phok walk with writer/director Joe Maggio

day 16 — July 16: nightshoot in Upstate New York. Wrap beer at 8:30 AM

Glass Eye Pix's futile effort to save the planet continues (since 1992):
Personalized water bottles made from recycled plastic
provided refreshing drinking water for the BITTER crew throughout the shoot.

Bottles from green room promotions.

I SELL THE DEAD on the cover of the Montreal Mirror in an article by Malcolm Fraser
highlighting the July 27 screening at Fantasia Fest '09. Fessenden and McQuaid to attend!

Dead funny

Producer and star Larry Fessenden and writer/director Glenn McQuaid
discuss I Sell the Dead, their tribute to old school horror and storytelling



Scareflick #5 Graham Reznick's I CAN SEE YOU
is coming to video from Kino International October 27.
PRE-ORDER today!



July 2: The Los Angeles Film Festival stirs up a whole new batch of reviews for I SELL THE DEAD!

Dread Central

All Things Horrible

Geek Tyrant

Horror Movie A Day

Cinema, Very Tasty


June 25 — HOUSE OF THE DEVIL to be released by Magnolia!! Variety reports


June 24 — GLASS EYE PIX and freinds do the "step and repeat" at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2009

I SELL THE DEADl: Dom Monagham, Angus Scrimm, McQuaid, Fessenden, Ron Perlman and Brenda Cooney


Ron Perlman, Connie Britton, James Le Gros

PHANTASM II reunion:
James Le Gros, Angus Scrimm

GLASS EYE alumni Darroch Greer , Angus Scrimm

GLASS EYE troops Jeff Grace, Graham Reznick, Peter Phok

June 19 — James Le Gros and Joshua Leonard, soon to be bitter rivals
in Joe Maggio's BITTER FEAST, convene at the L.A. Film Festival screening of HUMPDAY


18 June— Fango article on Joe Maggio's upcoming Scareflick BITTER FEAST


17 June— Fango article on Jim Mickle's upcoming Scareflick STAKE LAND


16 June— Fango article on James Felix McKenney's upcoming Scareflick HYPOTHERMIA

June 11: The SATAN HATES YOU trailer is now online!

Watch It Now -- Exclusively At Fangoria!

TWITCH: SATAN HATES YOU. And You. And You Over There? Yeah, Especially You.

QUIET EARTH: Trailer for tribute to Christian scare films SATAN HATES YOU






June 6 — Glass Eye Pix lurking in the halls of the Fangoria Convention!

Composer Jeff Grace (right) stands by while Michael Gingold interviews the troops. Fessenden with host Tony Timpone

Glass Eye directors Jim Mickle (with producer Linda Moran and writer/actor Nick Damici), James McKenney, Joe Maggio and Graham Resnick

Glass Eye clan: Brent Kunkle, Glenn McQuaid, Brahm Revel, Peter Phok, JT Petty, Eric Branco, Brandon Taylor, Beck Underwoord and Lisa Wisely.
Joe Maggio learns the hard way that horror fans are no soft sell.


Something for everyone dept:
Artist Jason Beam with Fessenden portrait
at Fango Con '09



JUNE 5—Lots of news today: Read the press release

join the cast of Joe Maggio's BITTER FEAST, lensing in July

Teaser posters for the upcoming slate of films to be produced by Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films.

Join us at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors Saturday June 6,
1:30PM at the Javits Center
in New York City.

Brand new trailer for SATAN HATES YOU and teasers for BITTER FEAST, HYPOTHERMIA and STAKE LAND




June 3—Week 1 wraps on THE UNLOVEABLES, a new web series by Glass Eye favorite Ilya Chaiken (MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR, LIBERTY KID)

Webisodes star Eleanor Hutchins, Kevin Corigan and feature Chaiken's stable of New York eccentrics including Fessenden and director Joe Maggio.



New SATAN HATES YOU trailer and poster!

Check out the new official poster for SATAN HATES YOU!

But the really big news is that the SATAN HATES YOU trailer is finally ready and waiting to premiere June 6th at FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS in NYC as part of the Glass Eye Pix presentation.

The Glass Eye Pix panel is to take place 1:30 pm on Saturday, June 6 in Hall 1-D at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

See you there!!!



Glass Eye Pix is very pleased to team up with Reel 13, the fabulous filmsite of PBS. James Felix McKenney's epic lo-fi super 8 black and white Robot War parable AUTOMATONS is now available for streaming and download as part of the "Exploring the Indies Series". with over an hour of extras as well!!

ALSO AVAILABLE TO VIEW—Interview with McKenney
Behind the scenes featurette
Interview with Angus Scrimm
Camera and FX tests


I Sell the Dead at the Seattle International Film Festival
Egyptian, midnight Fri., May 22.
Neptune, 9:30 p.m. Mon., May 25.

"That cast alone was enough to get my attention ....

Dominic Monaghan narrates the tale as Arthur Blake, one-time partner in crime with veteran bodysnatcher-for-hire Willie Grimes (Larry Fessenden, looking every inch the English odd-job pug) and now on death row, spilling his story to a gregarious Irish priest (a marvelously wily Ron Perlman) as long as the whisky flows ...

... with Perlman in slyly hammy form, Fessenden in a cockney caricature and Monaghan's boyish innocence balanced by the instincts of a jaded slum survivor, this underworld buddy story has personality to spare..." read review

News Flash! 21 May 2009—Glass Eye Pix is pleased to share this fresh-out-of-the-gate press release to all our horror-minded friends. While we have been advertising the May 26 DVD release of Graham Reznick’s film through our partnership with Cinema Purgatorio, the success of our New York City theatrical run prompted our old friends at Kino International to snatch up the film and postpone the release for a Fall slot. While we are eager to get the film out to the fans, we couldn’t refuse the opportunity to get the film into a pipeline that would ultimately reach a wider audience. Keep your eyes peeled for more theatrical play dates leading up to our DVD street date in time for Halloween. Thanks for keeping an eye on  I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER! —From everyone at Glass Eye Pix.   Read the news at indiewire



May 16—New artwork for I SELL THE DEAD
from Screan Media, our foreign sales team.


15 May: Fangoria celebrates its 30th Anniversary this month with a delux issue
featuring this most peculiar ad for their fabulous radio show.
Mag also features an appreciation of Ron Perlman by Fessenden.
Get off your ass and go buy a copy!


and speaking of Fango...

MAY 13 — MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Fessenden to appear at the Fango Fest along with Glass Eye Pix collaborators James Felix McKenney, Graham Reznick, Glenn McQuaid, Jim Mickle, Nick Damici, Brent Kunkle, Jeff Grace and Peter Phok showing trailers and teasers for upcoming releases including SATAN HATES YOU, HYPOTHERMIA, STAKE LAND, I SELL THE DEAD, I CAN SEE YOU, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and more! Also, catch Graham Reznick's THE VIEWER in the screening room. Details to follow.

May 11 — The News is officially out: Horror Hit, “Dead,” Set Worldwide

Glenn McQuaid’s “I Sell the Dead,” the opening night movie from this year’s Slamdance Film Festival, has scored a slew of deals with IFC taking U.S. rights for a theatrical and VOD release, Blockbuster making a home entertainment pact, Anchor Bay lining up Canada, U.K, Australia and New Zealand, and Screen Media taking all other rights to the horror film.


Times Square 9 May 2009




I Sell the Dead (DIRECTOR/WRITER Glenn McQuaid PRODUCERS Peter Phok, Larry Fessenden CAST Dominic Monaghan, Larry Fessenden, Angus Scrimm, Ron Perlman) - Two wily grave robbers in 18th century England get more than they bargained for when their corpses start biting back in this ghoulishly delightful comedy horror romp.


tonight 5/5 at 8pm is the last night of our theatrical run, so don't delay, act now! 
There will be an additional screening on Sunday, May 10th, Mother's Day.  Mothers get in free!!



"Simple story, beautifully told. A distressed dropout named Wendy (the sublime Michelle Williams) and her dog Lucy hop in her beat-up Honda and leave Indiana for Alaska, Wendy's cautious hope for a new frontier. But when the car dies in Oregon and Lucy goes missing, Wendy faces hard choices and a hard-pressed America that keeps closing doors. I won't say more, except that director and co-writer Kelly Reichardt (Old Joy) is a true cinema poet who works miracles in miniature. And she finds the perfect collaborator in Williams, an actress of grit and amazing grace." —Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


I SELL THE DEAD is a big hit at the Jeonju International Film Festival in Korea!
"Glenn McQuaid has a brutish look (like a pride fighter) but he has a child's mind!"



May 1 — The good reviews are rolling in for Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL

"The House of the Devil is the rare scary film that does not pander to its audience...
Establishing a rigorously naturalistic mood, which director Ti West (a thinking mans horror director)
details with the precision and care of the early films of Roman Polanski."
-- Jason Zinoman, VANITY FAIR
"West playfully subverts the horror film genre by insidiously setting up the mood
and letting it eerily and slowly play out before slamming home with a fiendish finale.
-- Dennis Dermody, PAPER MAGAZINE

Ti West’s “The House of the Devil” is a wet dream for horror fans…The classical structure slowly builds tension before erupting into
a decisively gory finish, harkening back to a smarter and more nuanced era of spooky storytelling...
Maintains a delightfully creepy aura throughout, while also functioning equally well as a low key study of youth alienation…
West’s style culls from the vibe of late 1980s horror (and subtly sets the movie in that period), but it’s his authentic filmmaking skill
that makes “Devil” such an enthralling experience.”  

-- Eric Kohn, IndieWIRE



April 30 — Loose Lips dept: Glass Eye Leak!!


APRIL 29: Glass Eye Pix in 3 dimentions: Viewers take in Graham Reznick's new short at the Kraine Theatre in Manhattan.
Brent Kunkle cashes in. Composer Jeff Grace gives thumbs up to director Reznick and visiting Monsterpants. Neal Jonas celebrates with star Ben Dickinson (pictured with adoring fan)


New from Glass Eye Pix ! Graham Reznick's new short film THE VIEWER in 3D!



"I CAN SEE YOU heralds a splendid new filmmaker with one eye on genre mechanics,
one eye on avant-garde conceits and a third eye for transcendental weirdness"
The New york Times

""Ultimately opting for Brakhage over butchery, this surprising horror debut hits us where it hurts
by turning vision itself into a mind-frying source of anxiety... the sensory disorientation
climaxes in a freakout that wipes all your troubles away,
as well as anything else lying around in your head."
The Village Voice

"without a doubt one of the most intriguing and well-crafted low-budget horror films in recent memory...
I CAN SEE YOU establishes Reznick as an exciting filmmaker who has the talent and potential
to provide a unique voice within the genre community."

Critic's Choice
New York Post




APRIL 27 - Aphasia Films grunt Neal Jonas catches a few zzzzzzz's during intense round-the-clock
efforts to finish and render Graham Reznick's 3D short THE VIEWER.


THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL Fangoria review

Big turnout at THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL premiere: producers Derek Curl and Peter Phok with Ti West, Sound designer Graham Reznick, groovy Paul, producer Roger Kass,

Glass Eye gals Brenda Cooney and Christine Spencer , Fessenden, mix maestro Tom Efinger and I SELL THE DEAD player Joel Garland; childhood pals Reznick and West

Full house, Thespians Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, and producer Peter Phok with star Jocelin Donahue

LIBERTY KID director Ilya Chaiken, LIB KID and HOUSE cinematographer Eliot Rocket and LIB KID producer Mike Ryan, Fessenden and Curl with West.

Saturday 25 April

at the Tribeca Film Festival, NYC

Saturday, April 25, 9:45 PM, AMC Village VII
Sunday, April 26, 5:00 PM, AMC Village VII
Wednesday, April 29, 11:00, PM AMC Village VII
Saturday, May 2, 11:59 PM AMC Village VII

See the trailer here | Buy tickets here

Primary Cast: Jocelin Donahue, Greta Gerwig, Tom Noonan,
Mary Woronov, AJ Bowen, Dee Wallace
Director: Ti West
Screenwriter: Ti West
Producers: Peter Phok, Larry Fessenden, Josh Braun, Roger Kass
Sound Design: Graham Reznick
Composer: Jeff Grace
Director of Photography: Eliot Rockett
Production Designer: Jade Healy
Production Companies: MPI Media, Glass Eye Pix


The Many Mutations of Ron Perlman:
Aaron Hillis interviews Glass Eye Pal

"I have nothing but good stories about Larry,
but none of them come to mind right now. "



April 22



April 21 Our pal JT Petty's excellent horror western

THE BURROWERS out on dvd today!!

And check out the Glass Eye Pix produced prequel



April 21
Larry Fessenden
Vision orrorifiche esistenziali

Fessenden Profiled in Italian film annual
Cinema & Generi, along with Brian DePalma, Terri Gilliam, Katherine Bigelow,
and Paul Haggis.
Interview by Andrea Fontana


play THE LAST WINTER drinking game!!

"Even if you didn’t give a flying fuck about the environment, the film’s message is so well handled
that world-rapers everywhere would not find themselves exasperated by the message of The Last Winter."

After bestowing upon the film an 8/10 review, The Vocabulariast at links to The Last Winter drinking game

This drinking game is to be played with The Last Winter and some beer.

1 drink – every time someone dies
1 drink – every time you see a crow
1 drink – every time you see a snowmobile
1 drink – every time someone takes a drink

The Al Gore Challenge: Take a drink every time someone says something environmental sounding.

why not play a round or two on Earth Day...?



Ti West lets it all hang out in blog.spout interview with Karina Longworth


The House of the Devil Website is LIVE

Come visit for festival showtimes and the view the trailer

Read advance word from Todd Brown at TWITCH

"Ti West has been pretty much the unofficial wunderkind of American horror since the arrival of The Roost a few years back - the kid with all the promise who was supposed to be the guy to watch going forward. Triggerman didn’t do it for him and I doubt shooting a direct-to-video sequel to Cabin Fever is going to, either. But House of the Devil? House of the Devil just might. I had the chance to catch this one in a Berlin market screening and this is by far the best thing to come from West so far and I’d say also the very best of the recent output from Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix..." (more)



Three Dimensions of Terror

THE VIEWER, a new Anaglyphic 3D short film by Graham Reznick

THE VIEWER is a telepathic interrogation experienced from the perspective of a suspected murderer.  Telepathic Viewing doesn't come without a price, however;  as the suspect resists the mind-reader's tactics, the "viewing" intensity is increased... dissolving the fragile boundaries between memory, identity and reality.

Glass Eye Pix enters the world of 3D cinema with THE VIEWER, which was shot using a specialized two camera rig designed by cinematographer Gordon Arkenberg.  Featuring a multi-dimensional 5.1 soundscape designed by Graham Reznick, THE VIEWER is a psychedelic feast for both the eyes and ears.  Starring Mick Lauer as "The Viewer" and Lindsay Burdge as "The Victim."  Written and directed by Graham Reznick. 

THE VIEWER will be presented ahead of  I CAN SEE YOU, Graham Reznick's feature film, at the Kraine theater in NYC, beginning April 29th.  Tickets are available now through

Read the article and view stills at


10 April: Gotta Love Blogs Dept: HABIT makes 50 best horror movies of all time list (#43)!

43. "Habit," 1997. Chilling low budget vampire film about a young man who is either becoming a vampire or an alcoholic.
It's up to you to decide. Director, Larry Fessenden went on the direct "The Wendigo" which was nearly astriguing.


April 6 — Fango's got a nice round-up of all things Glass Eye Pix with Larry Fessenden: So Much to SEE



Happy April Fool’s Day

Some of our favorite people appear in on-line interviews today:

Ron Perlman
at the Colonel's Crypt

Glenn McQuaid


Calling all New Yorkers: come join us for an evening of shorts at the famed Anthology Film Archives
featuring “The Lighthouse” by resident Glass Eye Pix Visionary Mike “the Dragon” Vinvent,
originally created for Beck Underwood's Creepy Christmas On-Line Film Festival



March 30: McQuaid and Fessenden interviewed by Fango regular Mike Gingold before the New York screening of I SELL THE DEAD at the IFC center

March 25 - Tom Laverack, Mark Ambrosino and Larry Fessenden are Just Desserts
in the studio again, putting final touches on ELBOW ROOM, due out later this year.
Check out Sojourn Records now — your newest source for fine alternative music.


I SELL THE DEAD in the news and on the screen:

Friday, March 27, 9:45 PM

Wednesday, April 1, 4:45 PM

Sunday, April 5, 9:30 PM

"Glenn McQuaid shows he clearly knows his way around the camera
and has a massive love for gothic horror. He's also one hell of a comedic writer.

... a fantastic and almost whimsical soundtrack whose violins call back to scores
from other classically dark-humored films...

... oozes atmosphere, and I mean that in the most literal sense...

Is I Sell the Dead a cult classic in the making? Possibly.
A movie you'll have a blast with? Absolutely. "

Alex Riviello

talk of an I SELL THE DEAD sequel continues at DREAD-CENTRAL.

March 30th NYC "Best of Slamdance" screening at the IFC



19 March: FANGO WEEK CONTINUES with today's WEBCAST of last week's FANGORIA RADIO show:

Debbie Rachon and Dee Snider yuck it up with guests McQuaid and Fessenden. Scoop reporter Tony Timpone takes notes.




Congrats to Lou Doillon for her nomination for Best supporting Actress in Douglas Buck's SISTERS (co-produced by Fessenden)

And of course good luck to our pals Ron Perlman and Doug Jones with their nominations in Guillermo Del Toro's HELLBOY II!

And a shout-out to our favorite indie movie this year, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Catch all the noms here and vote for Lou!!



March 16th: Tony Timpone on the case: McQuaid reveals to Fangoria he is working on a sequel to I SELL THE DEAD entitled THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF GRIMES AND BLAKE

Friday the 13th: Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid on Fangoria Radio TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT


Mumblecore Movement Picks Up Momentum – Joe Swanberg Directs Mumbly Horror "Silver Bullets"

... One sounds particularly intriguing: Swanberg is using Chekov's "The Seagull" for a "quasi-horror" film called "Silver Bullets."

The cast would feature Jane Adams ("Happiness") and two influential faces in the world of indie horror, Larry Fessenden and Ti West. West, who just recently completely what was less of a pleasurable experience on "Cabin Fever 2," is an up-and-coming filmmaker who's crafted two tiny near classics in the genre with "The Roost" and "Trigger Man." Fessenden, his mentor, specializes in a low-fi horror experience that compares favorably to John Carpenter's late seventies-early eighties in his interest in horror shaped by political, social and spiritual views, and has made a nice living as a cameo expert for several friends in the indie community while also serving as producer on efforts such as "Wendy and Lucy."

No word on the plot of "Silver Bullets," but it probably won't be devoid of at least a few good ideas. (read whole post) Read the original article at The New York Press.




Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival

Saturday, April 25, 9:45 pm,
Sunday, April 26, 5:00 pm,
Wednesday, April 29, 11:00 pm,
Saturday, May 2, 11:59 pm,


MARCH 6 Check out the new Glass Eye Pix CLIPS page for all your audio visual needs!
Chock full o' trailers, interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives and vintage Glass Eye shorts!
Stop in for updates whenever you're in the mood for some quality low-res entertainment.


J.T Petty's Blood Red Earth streaming on starting Monday, March 2nd at Noon

BLOOD RED EARTH is the prequel to J.T. Petty's creature-feature THE BURROWERS, which arrives on DVD April 21, 2009.

BLOOD RED EARTH was produced by Peter Phok and Larry Fessenden through Glass Eye Pix for Lionsgate and FEARnet, shot by Phil Parmett (Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, THE BURROWERS) and directed by J.T. Petty (SOFT FOR DIGGING, MIMIC 3)


30 MARCH at 8PM at the IFC Center

as part of The Best of Slamdance

Fango reports

buy your tickets today!




Feb 21: James Felix McKenney oversees the shoot for the HYPOTHERMIA teaser with Glass Eye Pix regulars
Eric Branco, Brandon Taylor, Brent Kunkle, Jack Fessenden and Michael Vincent.


Glass Eye Pix in Dublin with Brenda Cooney, Glenn McQuaid, The Last Winter co-editor Shelly Westerman,
and I SELL THE DEAD producer Peter Phok and actor Ken Robertson.

15 Feb: Fessenden interviews on


Happy Valentine's Day from Glass Eye Pix: Fessenden speaks with authority on topics dear to him.
Why Using Sex Toys, Watching Porn, and Going Green Is an Easy Fit

Feb 14 - I SELL THE DEAD at the Dublin Film Festival TONIGHT!!


8 Feb: New review for I SELL THE DEAD posted

“... The brightest star in the excellent cast is Fessenden, who tears into his role with the same spirit of scene-stealing minor characters. His natural chemistry with “Lord of the Rings”/”Lost” veteran Monaghan is a pleasure to experience.

“... The atmosphere of the movie is what impresses most. McQuaid ... shot the film entirely in New York with some of the more rustic scenes taking place on Staten Island. However, there isn’t a moment in the movie that looks anything less than 18th century Ireland.

“... The movie is a thoroughly enjoyable, dark slice of comedic fantasy horror that more than deserves to become a cult classic.”

—Wade-Hahn Chan


2/3/09 — Jim Mickle on Stake Land at Dread Central

30 Jan — James Felix McKenney's
back in the news with new images and promise of a summer festival premier

Dread Central

visit the official site




Hammer to Nail review

1/28/09 - I SELL THE DEAD - Vampires, Zombies, and Ruffian Grave Robbers Prowl the Moors of Staten Island

"...a cinematic marvel that is both an homage to classic horror films, as well as an innovative mash-up of several different horror tropes from subsequent generations. It’s all held together by the filmmaker’s true love of these genres, as well as his staggeringly impressive ability to direct tone, actors and special effects toward a singularly unique and innovative genre perspective... distinguishes McQuaid as a major new talent to watch"—Michael Ryan


Dispatch from Rotterdam: After an exhausting day of art films, it's refreshing to dip into Rotterdam's vast trove of genre movies and activate the more sophomoric parts of the brain. The best so far is Glenn McQuaid's "I Sell the Dead," a horror comedy closer in tone to "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein," than, say, "Scream." So it's a knockabout buddy comedy except the knocks come from vampires, zombies and deranged Irish ghouls. Dominic Monaghan ("Lost") plays the straight man grave robber to Larry Fessenden's cockney simpleton, and Ron Perlman is along in flashback to add an extra dollop of menace. A cult hit in the making.R. Emmet Sweeney

January 23

I SELL THE DEAD wins two awards at the 2009 Slamdance Film Festival:

Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography
I SELL THE DEAD, cinematographer Richard Lopez

Special Jury Mention for Best Performance
Larry Fessenden in I SELL THE DEAD

Variety | Hollywood Reporter | indiewire | ShocktilYouDrop


Fessenden wins 5 nominations!


Best Film
* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Inside
* Let the Right One In
* Splinter
* The Last Winter
Best Director
* Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Inside
* Jaume Baleguero and Paco Plaza, Rec
* Larry Fessenden, The Last Winter
* Toby Wilkins, Splinter
* Tomas Alfredson, Let the Right One In
Best Actor
* Brian Cox, Red
* Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
* Joel Moore, Spiral
* Michael C. Hall, Dexter
* Ron Perlman, The Last Winter
Best Cinematography
* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Midnight Meat Train
* Mirrors
* Rogue
* The Last Winter
Best Villain
* Grady, Fear Itself: Skin and Bones
* La Femme, Inside
* Prof Monster, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
* The Smoker, Left 4 Dead
* The Joker, The Dark Knight

Vote today! Awards announced Monday February 23



21 January — Slamdance roundup: McQuaid on TV, Monaghan in a hat, Fessenden bumps into Rob Corddry and SATAN HATES YOU's Jeb Berrier



Jan 21 I SELL THE DEAD screens at Slamdance today at 1PM

Glenn McQuaid: The glaad interview



Above: McQuaid and Fessenden bid adieu to Dom; below: Kunkle and Fessenden making deals in Park City



Jan 19: Press from Slamdance

Interviews with the cast of I SELL THE DEAD
on you tube | Filmmaker Magazine | Movie Maker Magazine | MTV | MSNBC


Jan 17 - Glass Eye Pix in Park City






I SELL THE DEAD Globetrotting Festival Tour!

Slamdance - 16th and 21st of January
Rotterdam - 22, 25, 29, & 31st of January
Dublin - 14th of Feb
Glasgow - 21st of Feb
San Francisco Indie Fest - Feb 5-19
Philadelphia - March 26-April 6
Amsterdam - April 15-26


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