e-mail, Thur, 21 October 2010
Hi Larry,

I just watched “Habit”.  I have been interested in horror films and vampires since I was a young boy, and I am stunned that I have never heard of “Habit”.  I came across it on Net Flicks.  I was loading up my cue with films to watch for the month of October (Halloween month).  I watch a horror film every night during October.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I celebrate it all month long, culminating in a grand, costume mandatory party for all of my friends.  So with Net Flicks I peruse the available films for offerings that I have yet to see that sound interesting.  I have a fairly extensive collection, but there are always new things to see.  And then there are the happy times when I get to see not only something new, but something unexpected.  And in this case, something quite wonderful.

“Habit” is a beautiful balance of realism and the hallucinatory workings of the minds inner landscape.  I became increasingly excited as the film progressed, and I was instantly engrossed by the story and very real characters. Nothing felt ‘cheated’, motivations, actions and dialogue all made sense.  And at the same time, the implausible was unfolding in Sam’s life.  And the coup is that you believe what you are seeing is happening.  There is no conceit, no moments of, “Yeah, but …”

In the end, “Habit” accomplishes two often exclusive things: it is beautifully haunting … and it kicks ass!

And I personally gained two things tonight (this morning): a new favorite vampire film, and an artist to admire and cheer.

Bravo Larry!

- Michael


e-mail, Thur, 30 July 2009
Mr Fessenden,

Just wanted to say that I thought Habit was one of the best Indie films ever made as well as one of the most plausible vampire movies ever, with a few nods to Rosemary's Baby and the work of Philip Kaufmann thrown in for good measure, IMHO.

It also features 2 of my beloved landmarks from the  Lower E mid 90's: The Distrito Federale Mexican restaurant and the Ludlow St Cafe.

Thanks again!


e-mail, Mon, 19 May 2009
Hi Mr. Fessenden,

I just wanted to send a message and say (for what it's worth) that I consider Habit to be a masterpiece.  The dilemma I'm left with after seeing the movie is the dilemma I was left with after reading Stoker's novel--everything else in the genre is disappointing by comparison.    

I know you're busy but I'd really like to know what some of your favorite vampire/horror movies and/or books are.

Incidentally, I'm getting together with some friends I haven't seen in a few years and the first thing we're going to do is watch Habit.  Thanks very much.

Greg Platt

e-mail, Mon, 31 March 2008
My husband and I watched "Habit" on the IFC channel the other night.  I've seen pretty much every horror movie and he pretty much refuses to watch any.  From beginning to end we were glued to the couch without any interruption.  You are an amazing filmaker and I hope you keep making horror films.  "Sisters" was the movie my babysitter let me watch and it freaked me out so bad I had to rent it again a few years ago.  I can't wait to watch your remake!  I'm also going to put "The Last Winter" on my netflix.  Keep up the good work.  You have two new fans.

e-mail, Tue, 23 October 2007
watched your film the Habit last night for the first time,....just deliciously perfect.
I'm planning on being a Vampire for Halloween thought it would be fun to rent some films to 'get me into character',...Anna was so provocative and completely detached,..loved it.
Many many thanks.

e-mail, Tue, 10 July 2007

I was able to see the work "Habit" this evening and found it to be a twist on the age old vampiric seduction - original, and one of the best vampiric movies I've seen in some time. I do beleive though, the show was stolen by the lovely Ms. Snaider; however, after doing a search to see what other movies she might have played in, found Habit to be the sole reference to her resume. I am uncertain if you keep up with your artists after they've completed filming, but am curious as to why Ms. Snaider isn't a name we're hearing more of.

In advance, your time and response to this query are greatly appreciated.

Martin E. Corell

e-mail, Mon, 9 July 2007
I just saw your movie "Habit" - I accidentally recorded it on my DVR and on a lazy Summer afternoon I had nothing to do. I was very impressed by the whole movie -yea, I have some of the reservations I am sure you are familiar with already. But: because Anna was not deterred by the garlic or by daylight, I want to stick to my interpretation of it in clinical terms. Sam is a drunk and probably does drugs -off camera, which is OK, I don't have to be spoonfed a story. The blood splatters, the critters (the dead roach on the restaurant kitchen floor), the murdered kitty all speak to me of DT. Too bad the critics took it literally to be a modern vampyre story - for me the whole thing stands on its legs as is.

So, congratulations. I will be sure to check more of your work.

e-mail, Sun, 4 March 2007
Hi Larry:

I don't think you'll remember me, i've written to you before, last time was about 4 years ago i think, right when i moved to Los Angeles. Hope you're doing great.

Every now and then, i put Habit in the dvd player, and each time i still think it's just amazing. Last night was such an ocassion, and as usual, i'm blown away by it. It's indie film at it's finest, not only because of what the term "indie" means, but it is also astonishing on every level, regardless of being indie or not. I'll dare to say it's one of the best and most important american films of the last 20 years, too bad not a lot of people got to see it. On a personal note, whenever i get the chance i try to share it with people around me and their jaws drop when they see it for the first time, everybody asks "WHo is this guy?" "How'd you get this?". Funny thing is it's the least interesting story ever, wandering through the isles at circuit city, caught my eye, bought it, best 10 dollars spent ever.

The horror and metaphoric elements are dead on, but to me watching Sam hits a nerve that rarely gets touched. I don't think i've been hit by a vampire, nor am i the most fucked up soul on earth, but the ill sensation that sam is going through feels very close to home at certain points throughout each year. LA is worlds apart from NY, but alienation, loneliness, wrecklesness, paranoia, isolation and love are universal. I've invested so much into my dreams, that sometimes it takes a toll on you, and without you realizing it you've neglected your body and soul, sometimes it's too late, sometimes you can still pull through. Sometimes we're our onwn worst enemies, that's why i also love the song who's gonna save you from yourself. I don't think anybody can save you from yourself, only you yourself can do that, that's why i love habit so much, sometimes i need to be reminded of that.

e-mail, Fri, 23 June 2006
Larry,my sister 2 friends and i just discoverd HABIT!!!! I have got to tell you how impressed we are! The movie is now our favorite scary movie!! I am so taken with your talents.I can not belive I did not see it in 1997!! We are all crazy about scary movies and this one got passed all of us.Every thing about the movie was so great....the acting,the story,the scenes,the makeup,but mostly it was how you played the part!I am getting ready to check your web site out now.I hope you keep making movies like this.I have seen Wendigo and I really liked it too. I did not know you did this one either. I think you should act in more! I am working on a story now myself. I hope if it gets published and is lucky enough for the movies you do it!!
Dana Stevenson

e-mail, Sat, 10 June 2006
Hello Larry,
I normally despise horror films, usually I never enjoy watching them. I just don't like the genre. Well, by that I mean I dislike movies about ghosts, vampires, witches, all that supernatural stuff. I've been into realism since I was 10. The movies that I like are the ones directed by Stanley Kubrick, Reality Bites (most movies with Ethan Hawke), 25th Hour, Secretary, Vanilla Sky, A bout de soufflé, The Beach, Ghost World, Fatal Attraction, Being John Malkovich, Hedwig and the angry inch, Pulp Fiction, Amelie, Trainspotting etc… Basically if I ever saw the word "vampire" on the DVD, I'd never bought it.

I recently watched your movie called Habit on IFC. I was bored and just flipping through channels. I didn't watch it from the very beginning, but almost from the very beginning. Oh my God! :) I was totally glued to the screen the whole time!!!!!!!!!! I loved it more than any other movie I've seen in ages, even though it has a vampire twist in the end, it is so realistic, and something I could totally relate to! The whole "vampire" thing is like a metaphor in my mind for this kind of relashionship. You can't choose who you get attracted to, and people who act kind of like psychos and weirdos can be the most attractive ones, and you realize that they might be really bad for you, but it's extremely hard to stop because you're so attracted to them.

So, it's about obsession, lust, love. When I saw the main female character, my initial reaction was: she's a little bit scary looking, definitely not classically beautiful, but super hot. Just like in real life, strange looking people can be the hottest, I guess. What a great choice! I went and bought a DVD actually cause I liked this movie so much! :) L


e-mail, Tue, 6 June 2006
Greetings Larry,
Any thoughts about putting Habit into production again? I viewed the 1997 version (again!) and thought how greatly anticipated another Habit would be for fans of the original film version. I think most indie film connoisseurs would agree - Habit seems to work better than most films on the market today. A timeless masterpiece!
All the best,
Steven Fuller


e-mail, Mon, 5 June 2006
I studied acting with Meredith Snaider for several years and even remember when she spoke to our acting coach David Gideon about doing all the sex scenes in an "indie". He warned her about doing such scenes. Funny that only now 11 years later I actually see the film that she had major personal turmoil about. I worked her in class several times and always felt a disconnect. She was very self conscious, but it did not show during "Habit", she was at her peak. She very shy for an actress IMO. Sparkling eyes and a great smile though. I'll never forget her.


e-mail, Thur, 23 February 2006
Hello, Maestro Fessenden,
Aaron Christensen here. I had the good fortune of watching your modern day vampire tale HABIT a couple years ago and was absolutely blown away by it. I have proceeded to rave about it to anyone who would listen, calling it the best "realistic" vampire film since Romero's MARTIN. Brilliant performances, cinematography, and musical score, with a nifty twist at the end.

Well, I recently busted out my copy of HABIT to screen for my buddy Jon Kitley of I'll admit, I was a little nervous, having spoken so highly of it for so long. Would he like it? Heck, for that matter, would it still be as good for me the second time around?
The answer is a resounding YES. It's even better. You're a genius.

I understand that Jon contacted you with a link to his review on his site, so you know that he feels the same way. I'm just happy to have played a small part in making him aware of your work. And through him, making others aware.

I'm thrilled to see that there is a new Fessenden film in the works (THE LAST WINTER). Between HABIT and WENDIGO, you're one of my absolute favorite filmmakers (and actors, for that matter. It was great to see you in SESSION 9 a couple years back). I haven't seen NO TELLING, but now that I'm aware of it, you can bet that I'll be seeking it out.

I don't write a lot of fan letters. Just wanted to give you some well-deserved props to someone out there fighting the good fight in the independent film trenches, (which always come in handy during post-production, yes?)

all the best,


e-mail, Sat, 11 February 2006
Mr. Fessenden -
My name is Jon Kitley and I run a horror-themed website called Kitley's Krypt. I recently came across your films WENDIGO and HABIT and was blown away. I usually am not too fond of the lower budgeted films, mainly since they simply lack talent and / or imagination.

But with your's and especially with HABIT, I was really impressed. I thought you took a very old sub-genre and gave it a very real feel to it.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your movies and hope that you make another horror movie in the future. We'll be looking forward to it.

Here's a direct link to the review if you're interested:


e-mail, Sun, 15 May 2005
Hey Larry
Well it had been awhile, but I just watched Habit again... I still think it is the BEST indie movie ever made. Just wanted to mail you to let you know, it still does it for me.
Still a dream of mine to one day meet & chat. Keep up all the great work.

e-mail, Sun, 15 May 2005
Larry, I'm writing from Seattle, having just seen Habit for the first time last night. (Wishing you'd included 'deleted scenes' on the dvd as a dear old friend of mine is in the cast but his part was reduced to next to nothing by the time things were trimmed!). I really enjoyed the movie, and the fact that you wrote it, cast it, edited it, directed it and starred in it AND that it turned out so UNselfconscious and so thoroughly watchable ... nay .. ENJOYABLE even .. is just mindboggling! You must have been born to fulfill your dance with film.
Having watched the film I am left with one, burning question however. And that is WHAT EVER BECAME OF MEREDITH SNAIDER??? It appears as though she comPLETEly disappeared from the map after Habit! I just curious as hell whjat ever became of her. Can you give me any clue? Do you run into her at Round The Clock or Yaffa's? What happened!!??
Thanks so much for your time ... love your work! Aaron in Seattle

e-mail, Fri, 12 November 2004
I happened to be channel surfing on Halloween night and came across "Habit" on the Sundance channel. While I am a fan of independent films, this is one I had not seen before. It was as haunting and mesmerizing as Anna is to Sam, and like Anna I could not get the film out of my mind after seeing it. I ordered the DVD right away and have enjoyed not just the film, but the bonus features as well. Larry, this is one of the finest films in many years, I hope more people become aware of öHabit.œ And adding to the mystery of Anna, there is nothing to be told of Meredith Snaider before or after the film, her only acting appearance. She remains as much an enigma as Anna, perhaps as it should be.
Don/Northern California

e-mail, Mon, 1 November 2004
I can see why Habit has attracted such a wide audience, especially in Europe. Direct yet subtle, you create a sense of transcendence--though of a dark form--that is what are is all about. The daemonic in everyday life is something that the great pschotherapist, Carl Jung, understood so well. He said we need to embrace it as part of ourselves to become whole. Of course, Sean Young could have told you that too. Meredith Snaider--your own public communications present her as if, like Anna, she had no speakable past. Other cast members for whom this was a first film still are acknowledged as having a past, but not her. She also apparently had no future. She seems to have left no trail. If you can, please confirm that she intentionally moved on without leaving a trail. Thanks. Jim R

e-mail, Sun, 10 October 2004
I just saw Habit on Sundance. What an amazing film. Great story, beautifully filmed. Lots of strong images and a great range of colors and light. Makes me want to get in my studio and paint. I needed the creative energy fix. Thanks. Dave Golden

e-mail, Thur, 27 May 2004
Dear Larry, I Bought the Habit DVD last week. Viewed it no less than 13 times. First time I've ever seen it and still cannot get over how well this film was made. I have never been so moved by horror in my 42 years of existence. You have shined light on what is possible with 500 ASA film stock and good friends... and you have blown Hollywood clean out of the water in the process. Cool! Thanks for the great inspiration! Steven Fuller

e-mail, Tue, 11 May 2004
Hi Mr. Larry. Just want to say that I love the movie Habit. It really touched me. It was very dramatic since it didn't lean towards the the usual vampire scenarios. Ooooh man, it was awesome! tHANK you, sincerely, Wendell Asuncion

e-mail, Mon, 26 April 2004
Hi! I Love Vampire movies and I have to tell you that Habit has got to be one of my favorites if not THE favorite. It haunts me, and I am sad for days after watching it. Weird huh? I think she really loved him in her weird little way. Anyway, I was wondering, does Meridith Snaider have any other projects? I really think she should! Not only because she is a knockout, but becuase I thought she was a marvelous actress. She was very subtle and believable. Also, Does she have a fan club? The director, Larry Fessendon was awsome too! He really needs to do a lot more! It seems most Hollywood movies blast us with special effects, but they dont leave a lasting impression. This one does. Thanks for listening to me babble! Ken

e-mail, Sun, 21 June 2003
mr. fessenden, i recently saw your film "Habit" and had to let you know how much i enjoyed it. i think it is the most interesting vampire film i have ever seen, but with such a deeper meaning and meassage to it. i also think the characters in the film are just so much fun to watch- Nick (Arron Beall) is hilarious, and Anna (Meredith Snaider)is just so sexy/evil and beutiful at the same time, but i must say your performance as Sam is tops over all of them. I really felt the emotion and phisical pain your chacter showed as he just gets weaker and weaker as the story goes along.

eric hodkinson

e-mail, Fri, 15 Jun 2001

I just finished watching "Habit" for the 2nd time and as good as it was the first time it was even better the second time and I want to sincerely thank you for a most intensely, authentic and absorbing film but also it is absolutely and positively the most terrifying Vampire film that I have ever seen, and I have seen most all of them as it is a part of my Gothic lifestyle, umm not to be confused with Goths as most of them donªt recognize my kind in their culture, but I diverge, Your vision is peircing and your movie had the same powerful magnetism that 9 € Weeks (Micky Rourke and Kim Basinger) had, it gripped you and drug you down into the characters psychosis until you became as unsure of your reality as the character himself or in the case of 91/2 weeks herself was, again thank you again for this Masterpiece. "Habit," holds the number one spot on my list of Vampire moves, I will strongly recommend it. Leªvant DuPrae

e-mail, Mon, 28 May 2001

I recently had a look at "Habit" and wanted to let you know I enjoyed your work very much.

It made for a great Memorial Day afternoon viewing.

I genuinely appreciate your hard work and commitment and like the way you tell a story.

Doug Marsden

e-mail, Wed, 28 Mar 2001

I just saw Habit last night. I was wondering through the local Blockbuster, looking for anything entertaining but with some substance. Actually, that's very hard to find in a blockbuster. But, the cover to Habit caught my eye as did the reviews. So being a lover of good horror cinema I thought I'd try it out. Jesus, I'm glad I did. You're a definite talent to say the least. First, your writing is very tight and very believable. The dialogue comes across effortless and real. This is heightened by the natural performances by everyone involved. Your camera work is incredible. The shots of New York were up there, in my mind, with Taxi Driver. I was IN the city because of your direction. I felt as if I was taken to another place completely. I loved the authenticity of New York. I liked the dirtiness of it. The neon, the festival, the REAL people, the sounds...everything, made the experience more tangible. You've breathed a well needed breath of fresh air into the mundane vampire genre. Being a writer/director myself, I must say you've created some images in this film that will stick with me. Thank you and I can't wait to see your next flic!!!

Sean Andress

e-mail, Feb 1, 2001

i'm not in the HABIT of writing reviews for movies, but i have been a sucker for the horror (almost exclusively to VAMPIRE) genre for as far back as i can remember, and as far as this one goes, i couldn't resist.

i wish every horror movie followed the same dialogue as habit, simply because the realism is what attracts me to any story. any horror movie will show you that realism is not the priority of the plot. habit follows a different pattern. it sucks you into a moody atmospheric setup where reality is actually considered. needless to say, i loved this movie, and wish that the modern-day vampire movie had the same qualities.

my disputes w/almost every vampire movie i've seen is that they are so cheezy to the point that i stop the movie halfway through. i enjoy horror movies from a realistic standpoint. fessenden takes reality into accountability when he details his plot.

FESSENDEN-keep up the good work...BALTIMORE LOVES YOU!!!!!!

e-mail, Nov 1, 2000

Mr. Fessenden... I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much I admired Habit. I wasn't familiar with it until I began researching vampire movies for a book idea I've been kicking around. Habit was not like any other vampire movie I had ever seen before, and I found myself thinking about it long after it was over. The character of Sam even inspired a short story idea for me. I suppose that's the sign of a truly good movie, right? I consider myself a true movie fan, but these days it's getting more difficult to find worthwhile, memorable films, unless, of course, your standards are really low. I hope that you soon find the widespread recognition you deserve. I've been doing my part by recommending Habit to many people. Thank you again for making a movie that, for once, wasn't a waste of my time and money. Sincerely, Gena Radcliffe

e-mail, Oct 31, 2000

Just saw "Habit" on late night TV here in Canada. It was terrific. Don't have the time to list everything I liked about it. I'll look for it on DVD and for your next effort, too. Thanks Steve Lavender

e-mail, Fri, June 2, 2000

my introduction to you. Kickass flick. I couldn't tell you one think I didn't like about it.

Make more.

G'luck & hope you prosper, mate.

Dr Yankee

e-mail, Sat, 4 Mar 2000

You know what? IĞm reaching you from Uruguay (yeah, the smallest piece of shit down overthere in south america) just to tell you that yesterday in the night the cable aired your "Habit", and It was the most pleasurable experience in cinema from years to me. IĞm a 39 years old designer and advertiser, and I want to tell you "4 thumbs up) (toes included). Sexy... bizarre... "modern"... contemporary cinematography at its best. I love your work. I will search for your future projects. Many regards, Silvio Moreira Sierra.

e-mail, 2 Mar 2000

As a horror movie fan, it doesn't get much better than finding something that really takes you by surprise. As a writer, I can appreciate the nuance and texture that went into crafting this tale.

After watching HABIT twice-through, I went out and bought frames for these pictures of my parents that have been lying around, curling at the edges, and hung them on the wall. When was the last time a horror movie made you do something like that?

Stay edgy, RHS

e-mail, Wed Feb 23 14:49:12 2000

I became familiar with your work this year after watching Habit, which I thought was one of the best vampire films I have seen. Your film reminds me of the style of Charles Bukowski and feel of Barfly. Real things happening to real people. I really respect your guerilla approach to film making. jake davis

e-mail, Thu Feb 10 12:12:38 2000

I just saw your film Habit and loved it. It was so real for me and plays in my mind many times each day. I usually judge a film's impact on me by the number of times each day scenes replay in my head for the first several days after I see it. And Habit has been with me often.

I was also really taken by the work of Meredith Snaider. Her vampire was played well on a very subconscious level.

Weiss, Allen

e-mail, 10/4/99

I just saw Habit on the independent film channel and I really enjoyed it. I love the way the actors look like real people instead of airbrushed hollywood cretins. The actors were all so attractive because they look like real people,this made the film so belevable for me. And my friend who is a painter loves the cinamatography. We both look forward to your work in the future. Miliaria.

e-mail, 10/4/99

Mr. Fessenden, I just got through being riveted to my TV watching your HABIT on the IFC. It is an excellent film and I'm not a critic, just an average dude from the Bronx. I was intrigued by the characters because they're very familiar people, being mostly from one of the moments of my life when I enjoyed such company. Your character Sam, reminded me of a guy we all used to hang out with when I lived and worked in Connecticut some time ago. Of course none of us dated or became vampires although my ex-wife was a "blood sucker" of sorts.

The story also is a great realistic look at some of life's cruel blows and it kept me drawn in throughout the entire movie.

It's fortunate for me that this work appears on IFC network and now living here in Arizona I get the opportunity to indulge in a heady movie such as your HABIT. I shall be aware of your name and production company for any future releases in the theaters or vid stores or on TV.

Keep up the great work, Sir! Best regards, Bill Becker

e-mail, 8/27/99

Larry, My girlfriend and I like to hang out and watch cheesy schlock horror flicks, the worse, the better. Unfortunately (or I suppose I should say, "fortunately"), your movie didn't suck. In fact I'd have to say there were more than a few moments of pure brilliance in it. Thanks for the cool flick, Scott McBride

e-mail, 7/10/99

I have to say, the first time I saw her (Meredith Snaider) smile in the film I was a fan of the movie. Call me shallow, but I had to watch her every move. As for the movie, it was great! Much more than I expected from the back shelf of Blockbuster Video. Habit shows exactly what can happen to a person when life starts to overwhelm you and you can't get a handle on it. On a side note, Meredith Snaider needs a web site.


e-mail, 7/6/99

I found "Habit" on the shelves of my local Blockbuster (yuk!) and I was pleasantly surprised. It was much deeper, had better writng, and went much further than I expected. The title was a stroke of genius. My only complaint is that I felt that the scenes in which Sam and his friends visit Rae's late grandma's house kind-of dragged on without furthering the story (maybe it was just an excuse for the lesbian scene?) and were superfluous. All-in-all, I liked it. Thank you for allowing me to waste your time, William Michael

e-mail, 6/30/99

scary-shocking-outstanding special effects-great acting-and a vampire that operates in day light---just loved it---what's next for meredith snaider ? --we simply must see more of her--bill decelle

e-mail, 3/11/99

Larry, I'm a film teacher at Austin Community College here in Austin Texas. A few months back I saw Habit for the first time and absolutely loved it. So much so, in fact, that I assigned the movie as part of our Film Analysis class syllabus. The subject of the class was to discuss alternatives to Hollywood aesthetics and Habit caused the kind of lively debate that makes the job fun.--Phil Marson

e-mail, 3/10/99

Larry, I finally got to see The Habit a couple months ago, before I moved here from New Hampshire, started a new job, etc. etc. Anyway, I kept it for a week and showed it to someone different each night, including my wife who was ready to kill me. Absolutely great. I love the horror genre; I've seen so many good and bad films but The Habit was the most unique, compelling, frightening, I mean truly scarey, film I've seen to date. Of course, I'm trying to find a copy for my collection. I hope there's plenty more coming from you. Your talent in creating such a fine work with practically zero resources is astounding. -Bob Tucker-

e-mail, 1/20/99

I Thought HABIT Was One Of The Best Films I Have Seen In A While. BLADE/VAMPIRES Could Not Compare. Thanks For Giving Me Hope.

e-mail, 1/5/99

After watching the trailers for HABIT on other independent videos, I rented it without much hope that it would live up to its accolades. However, my husband and I, rather jaded filmgoers, were really impressed by the plot, acting, characters, etc. I particularly liked the characters of the best friends. There was an authenticity to urban life that is uncommon. I can't think of any other urban film which comes close to relaying the sort of tipsy, rumpled, too clever, yet aimless life of apartment dwellers. Don't even bring up Scorcese's AFTER HOURS.

I liked the suggestions of horror more than the actual gore: the flash of a demon hand, the mismatched shadow, the girlfriend who suddenly changes.

One of the reasons this film succeeds so well is that it seems to reflect one coherent vision, rather than a two dozen senseless rewrites by two dozen Hollywood imbeciles. We have recommended it to all our friends.

e-mail, 12/11/98

Dear Larry Fessenden: Your work is amazing.

I first saw HABIT along with my brother at the Cinema Village last November, and we couldn't stop talking about it. We were blown away by every aspect of HABIT - the story, the metaphors, the directing, the cinematography, the realistic feeling of NY, the haunting use of sound, and smart editing, as well as the performances, and the fact that you actually made it! Having recently seen HABIT again on video, it has become one of my all-time-favorite films (along with films by Roeg, Polanski, and Kubruck).

It isn't often that a film is made with as much imagination, depth, craft and integrity as HABIT by someone who obviously understands the art of making a film, a multi-dimensional film, a powerful film, a truly frightening film, and a really cool NY film.

I love HABIT. You are a brilliant film maker! You deserve lots of recognition (and money).

Good luck, --Linda Paulls

e-mail, 11/28/98

Dear Larry, I am endlessly impressed by your work. What else is cooking in that brain, man? I compose music and ambience also, and your creative level is through the roof. Something must be twisting behind your eyes; a courage. I hope that you are allowed to persue the other idea you have tucked away. Guys like you always have something on the burner. Very Impressive and thank you.

Peter Cin

e-mail, 11/19/98

Mr. Fessenden,

Congratulations on the release of your film Habit on video. My girlfriend and I rented the tape the other night and were impressed with your work. The dark and often humorous choices and the richness of your photography of the city had a deep impact on me. No doubt you draw much from your work in the theatre; something I wish more of today's filmmakers were doing.

Best wishes for your continued success from one struggling artist to one-now- not-struggling-as-much. If you stay as true to the Work as this piece demonstrates, you'll make a good name for yourself in this field.

Kirt Markle

e-mail, 10/13/98

Dear Mr. Fessenden: I saw your film at the REVUE CINEMA here in Toronto a few days ago. Wow! Superbly photographed and exceptionally stylish. Your film reminds me a lot of a Hal Hartley with a twist of Jane Campion/Ken Russell in there. But the end result is pure Larry Fessenden. Anyhow, I was really impressed by your film. I've convinced all of my movie-pals to go see it.

What amazed me about your film was the amount of camera setups and how you were able to maintain continuity in lighting and style throughout. After the first 20 minutes, I thought to myself: "Okay, He probably blew all of his money the rest of the film is just going to be master shots."

I will admit though, that one scene where the they are at the beach with those massive waves was...fucking amazing!

What draws contrast between your films and the rest of the indies is just that...the amount of camera shots, beautiful editing and o'yes...a splendid storytelling to boot!

In many respects, your film kicks the shit out of the much hyped "Pi".

Congratulations Larry, I just hope you'll maintain this level of craftsmanship in all of your future films. It would be a shame if you went off to Hollywood and did the Peter Bogdanovich thing. Congratulations once again! Your newest fan, Lucas K.

e-mail, 9/26/98

It was a great pleasure to have seen your film and hear you speak about it tonigh

i have a great admiration for you for not sacrificing any of the spirit of your film, by keeping it independent

its greaT to see a film that shows that it took a real human being to write it


e-mail, 8/21/98

I have been intrigued with vampires for a long time now so when I read a description of what your film was about, of course I was interested. I'm also a fan of deep, psychological, independent films about people whose lives are falling apart-so you got me from all angles. When people's lives are in chaos, all sorts of things can happen, and the way that you mixed the reality of man whose life is deteriorating before his eyes--whose psyche is coming apart-- with the surrealism (or would that be a bit inaccurate?) of a vampire --and MADE IT WORK--was pure beauty. The fact that the characters in this film offer the viewer plenty of reasonable and rational explanations for the woman's behavior--which would suggest or explain away any notion that she really IS a vampire--makes it all the more captivating and hauntingly intriguing. The guy just can't seem to get himself together and catch himself before he falls beyond reach....God! Do I LOVE this movie!!

My friend particularly liked the scenes that I could have done without (or a little less of) --the graphic sex scenes. I had to hear about Meredith Snaider for weeks and weeks... I got into the movie for the psychological aspect. It was a down to earth, realistic portrayal of self-destruction totally out of control and I thought it was brilliant. Now, Dennis and I argued about whether Anna was lying on the ground too in that final scene or if it was just Sam. I still don't know what I think...I can see it either way--The whole wonderful thing about this movie is that it IS left open to interpretation. It DOES work BOTH ways. Pure genius, I think.

Thanks for going to the trouble of making such a thought-provoking, captivating film.

--Lisa Ackerman

e-mail, 4/4/98

i saw habit on my 18th birthday with my best friend. we loved it. mr. fessenden was at the theater afterwards to talk about the film. we shook his hand (my friend shook it first cause i got nervous and shoved her in front of him). it was a really great birthday. i went back the next week to see it the last day it was playing at that theater. that's the only time i've ever been to see a film alone. it was awesome, i think it was better the second time. some nice theater worker lady gave me habit cards. it was most sweet of her. anyway, that's my story.

--Rei Eva


letter to LA Weekly, November 21-27

Buck Naked!

Re: Hazel-Dawn Dumpert's profile on Larry Fessenden ("The Reluctant Auteur" October 31-November 6). Fourteen years ago, I was sitting in a bathtub in Larry Fessenden's rat-hole apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, playing the saxophone - buck naked. How did I come to be in another man's bathtub with my mouth around an instrument with which I had only a passing aquaintance? Larry and I were young-turk film-students at NYU back in the days when wind-up Army-surplus cameras from Vietnam were considered hot equipment, and refugee directors like (Roman) Polanski and (Stanley) Kubrick were considered the cutting edge. I guess Larry thought a naked guy playing a saxophone in his bathtub would make good cinema, or at least get him a passing grade. I wasn't doing anything particularly interesting that afternoon, and I owed him a favor for appearing in one of my student films - buck naked. That's how NYU auteurs get their start.

Anyway, I haven't seen Larry in 12 years, and quite frankly I'm amazed the SOB is still alive. I always thought that if he could avoid incarceration, Larry might be one bad-ass filmmaker. Hell, Larry has got chunks of guys like Quentin Tarantino in his stool.

-Jim Gladstone
Los Angeles

e-mail, 12/11/97

I came out in the clouds - so excited to discover a full-blown, sophisticated cinematic vision in - who, if not Mr. Fessenden? And Frank De Marco? Do they share it? However it was done, it's thrilling, a cause for celebration!

--Karen Sunde

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