Peter Grey (James Le Gros), an overly zealous television chef who kidnaps J.T. Franks (Joshua Leonard), an influential and notoriously snarky food blogger after a particularly nasty review deals the final blow to Grey’s already plummeting career.

Sequestered deep in the woods of the Hudson Valley, Grey keeps Franks chained up in a basement, presenting him with a series of deceptively simple food challenges - from preparing a perfect egg over easy, to grilling a steak precisely medium rare - punishing him sadistically for anything less than total perfection.

A tense thrill-ride served up with wicked wit and culinary flare, BITTER FEAST is an exploration of the creative impulse gone tragically and ferociously awry.


JOE MAGGIO (Writer/Director)

In 1996 Joe established Concrete Films, an acting workshop inspired by the methods and writings of the late John Cassavetes. Here he developed the screenplay for his first feature-length film, “Virgil Bliss” (2001). “Virgil Bliss” went on to premiere at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival and was nominated for two 2002 Independent Spirit Awards: the John Cassavetes Award for best feature under $500,000, and Best Debut Performance for actor Clint Jordan. In 2002, “Virgil Bliss” was acquired by First Run Features for international theatrical and DVD.

“Milk + Honey”, Joe’s second feature film, premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. Featuring an original score by filmmaker and composer Hal Hartley, with additional music from Yo La Tengo and Fischerspooner, “Milk + Honey” won a Special Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the 2003 Atlanta Film Festival and was acquired by Wellspring Media.

“Paper Covers Rock” (2008) premiered at the 2008 South by Southwest Film Festival and was immediately acquired by IFC Films for a 2009 worldwide release.

In addition to his film work, Joe is on the faculty of NYU’s graduate film program (The Kanbar Institute.)


In a fierce, alternative vision of America’s bleak future, a young boy is about to learn how cruel the world can be. Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster.

And from the ashes rose a new breed of terror. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation’s abandoned towns and cities, and it’s up to Mister, a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin safely north to Canada, the continent’s New Eden.

Welcome to Stake Land, kid…


JIM MICKLE (Co-writer/Director)

Jim Mickle’s debut feature film “Mulberry Street” enjoyed a phenomenal film festival run having screened in 25 major international festivals from Tribeca and South by Southwest domestically, to Sitges, Brussels, Stockholm, and Toronto. In 2007 the film took home a coveted Audience Award at Fantasia, the largest North American outlet for genre films. It later won Best Film as the opening night gala film at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and was awarded a Special Jury award at the Amsterdam Fantasy Film Festival.

Horror bible Fangoria magazine heralded it as “One of the best independent horror features in recent years!” and it has gone on to win rave reviews from critics and audiences across the world, where it has landed on a handful of “Best of 2007” lists. “Mulberry Street” was acquired by Lionsgate Films and After Dark Films and was released on 300+ screens in November 2007. It is now available on DVD.

Mickle studied film production at NYU, writing and directing three award winning short films. He has worked professionally as a storyboard artist, a lighting technician, a 3D animator, graphic artist, and film editor. He has over forty credits to his name in various positions on feature films, television, music videos, film trailers and commercials.


Maine in the dead of winter: Ray Pelletier (Michael Rooker) and his wife Helen (Blanche Baker) have been ice fishing the frozen expanse of Lake Noyade for over two decades... but this year something is different: no fish bite.

Is it their new neighbors on the ice-- Stevie Jr. and his overbearing Dad—with their high-tech gear and over-sized rig that is driving the fish away? Or is it something else...?

The answer comes in an onslaught of ferocious attacks that unites the two families against a mysterious creature from under the ice.



James is the award-winning writer/director of the eagerly anticipated horror film SATAN HATES YOU, coming to festivals in 2010.

His first feature film was the cult horror-black comedy CANNIBALLISTIC!, which garnered rave reviews from leading genre publications including Shock Cinema and Rue Morgue.

McKenney is responsible for writing and directing the first Scareflick, the quirky supernatural drama THE OFF SEASON, which premiered on Lionsgate home video as the #1 debut DVD renter in North America.

This was followed up by the critically acclaimed, retro-styled, killer robot film AUTOMATONS, which played festivals around the world as well as extended theatrical runs in New York and Chicago.

McKenney is an associate producer on the ScareFlix films THE ROOST and TRIGGER MAN and continues to work at Glass Eye Pix as creative consultant on various projects.


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