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September, 1994. After shooting under the eagle in Battery Park all night, we wait for the sun to come up to film Sam waking up with the early morning commuters. I hand Frank my storyboard, and he frames the shots as drawn. Before we leave, he says he sees a shot from the side, so we try that. It's so nice that when I'm cutting, I decide to end on it, and so I build the scene a different way. This dynamic between preparation and spontaneity is my ideal way to work.

The original storyboard and final final cut structure.

storyboard Sam wakes: crane up Sam: wide shot Sam: medium shot Sam: close Sam: pan to eyes terminal crowd Sam: profile
glasseyepix glasseyepix

This was early in the shoot, maybe our fifth day out of 45. That day we were a crew of three: FRANK DeMARCO, cinematographer; STEPHANE MITCHEL, production manager and a.c.; DAYTON TAYLOR, producer, boom and mixer. Fessenden behind still camera was director, actor and make up. (First day of blood.) Also, first day using the "pole-cam."