The Last Winter
(2006, 107 mins, color, dr, Larry Fessenden)

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e-mail Friday, 27 March 2009
Hi Larry,
I watched "The Last Winter" last week.
The film made a deep & curious impact on me.
It's like I don't know...these days (we're in) are somehow an odd amalgam of things strange and sweet, and a lot of us must be feeling emotions that sometimes aren't so easy to locate or articulate or you know give voice to.
And I think -speaking for myself, and perhaps clumsily- I get real excited when I see film which works also as psychological catalyst...which your films well they do provide that.
And especially "The Last Winter"; you've supplied a kind of non-verbal language to explore feelings routing into the subconcious...into dream-states even with recognition of some thing primordial.
I'm very grateful; thankful that you make the films you do.
So let me just add this:
I'm an artist, a visual artist,
and if it seems okay to you I'd like to send a small gift
a work I created late that night after I watched "The Last Winter".
Chris Lawson
Birmingham, Alabama

e-mail Sat, 28 Jun 2008

I just saw your film "The Last Winter"  That was the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen.  Give me a break.  Global Warming is not man caused, which is a fact, and America needs to drill in Alaska. Sorry if a couple of Caribou get killed in the process.  It is ironic that environmentalist like you are actually going to destroy the world.   I guess if it was up to you we would all be riding in stage coaches.  Well I hope you watch my film.  I think I am going to make a film that is the total opposite of what you did.  Something that actually tells Americans the truth

e-mail 6/12/08
I just had to write,

Giant moose ghosts? Now the always silly environmental movement has truly jumped the shark. Congratulations on making one of the dumbest movies I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. Is this how directors get noticed these days by suckling at the "green" teat?  

Frisco, Tx.
The Illustrated Conservative

e-mail 04/05/08
Mr. Fessenden,

My name's Patrick Steele; I am an Ohio-based feature filmmaker (with political and environmental concerns) who has followed your career--and has greatly enjoyed your work--for many years. I recently was able to see THE LAST WINTER and wanted to thank you for such a powerful, compelling piece. It's your most nuanced and mature work to date, and I sincerely hope it reaches a much wider audience once released on DVD.

Please accept my thanks for producing work that's not only entertaining, but topical and heartfelt as well. I wish you the best on your next endeavor, and shall wait for it impatiently.


e-mail 01/18/08
Hello Larry Fessenden,

I am so amazed at your current website project. I just watched The Last Winter and noticed the runningoutofroad website at the end of the credits. The Last Winter is so incredible good.

Nice work at all!


e-mail 01/10/08
Hi larry mi name is francisco, sorry for my bad english its because i came from venezuela, thanks for doing great independent movies, you are a really talent director, thanks a lot for your great films, well i see the new film the last winter i like it, well larry keep doing great films ok

bye saludos desde venezuela jeje


e-mail 09/28/07
GREAT, SCARY, SUSPENSEFUL, kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved it. Keep it up, we need more! James LeGros, Ron Perlman, great casting, scary stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E. Smith


e-mail 08/08/07
Dear Mr. Fessenden,

My name is Gary McMahon, and I'm a writer from the UK. I don't even know if this email will reach you, but thought I'd like to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your film "The Last Winter". I don't usually write "fan" mail, but stumbled across this email addy whilst browsing the web for references to the film.

I was lucky enough to see "Wendigo" a couple of years ago, and was so impressed that I promptly bought the DVD - the scene with the little boy caught up in that weird storm of light was pure visual poetry. This, I felt, was a film that apprached the horror field through the eyes of an artist. Now, with the new film, I think you've taken that vision a step further, and must commend you on this very personal approach to the genre. I adored the links to "Wendigo", and the subtle references to Algernon Blackwood. Sublime stuff.

Anyway, I look forward greatly to your next film.

All the very best,

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